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Escaped piglet caught on M90 in Dunfermline

Piglet Image copyright Scottish SPCA

A piglet has been caught after being spotted running along the outside lane of the M90 in Fife.

The animal was spotted in a coned area by an HGV driver near Dunfermline, as it headed in the direction of the Forth Road Bridge.

The driver was able to keep the landrace pig safe until the Scottish SPCA arrived to rescue it.

The animal welfare charity said the pig was "clearly frightened" but was uninjured.

It is now recovering from last Thursday's motorway ordeal at the SSPCA's Inverness rescue centre.

Image copyright Scottish SPCA

Ch Insp John Chisholm, from the SSPCA, said: "The poor girl was found running about the road and was clearly frightened. She wouldn't keep still so it was very difficult to catch her.

"Thanks to the quick and decisive actions of the HGV driver, the piglet was kept out of harm's way until I arrived.

"Had she escaped from a transporter then she should have been marked or tagged, but she had no ID of any kind."

Mr Chisholm said the charity now wanted to find a home for the piglet. Anyone who recognises the animal is asked to contact the SSPCA.

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