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Machete attack shopkeeper Tahir Ahmed raided twice before

Damage to shop Image copyright Zee Ahmed
Image caption The shop was left in disarray after the machete attack

A shopkeeper injured in a machete attack in a failed robbery had been raided twice before in the past year.

Tahir Ahmed, 54, was struck twice on the head as he fought off two men at his corner shop in Edinburgh on Friday.

His son revealed that a gun and a knife had been used in previous raids in the past 12 months.

The latest robbers fled empty-handed after Mr Ahmed fought them off with a stool. The attack is being treated as attempted murder.

Mr Ahmed was alone in A&A Stores, at the corner of South Trinity Road and Cargill Terrace, when the men entered at about 17:20.

His son Zee, 32, said: "Two people have come in. They've scoped out the area before, I think. He's cut the door, cut the wire with the machete - and said 'hand over the money' while other guy's coming across.

"My dad threw the stool at him because he's gone at him with a machete - to protect himself and set the alarm - but he's had to take two cuts to the head. There's been a struggle. The whole sweet stand came over.

"There's blood everywhere. He just managed to get out and get next door to the chemist as the attackers took off."

Image caption Mr Ahmed's shop had been targeted twice before

He said his father had faced two previous attempted robberies in the past year, one involving a knife and the other a gun.

He added: "Last time when he had the scare, he was really shaken up. This time it's a lot worse.

"He's really tired. He's drained, he needs to rest. He's just really shaken up. The last time it was a close call but this time he's been attacked."

Mr Ahmed is in a stable condition in hospital after his ordeal.

Police are hunting for the two suspects, who were last seen running along Cargil Terrace.

The first is described as being 20 to 25 years old, of medium build, with a pale complexion and unshaven.

The second man is described as 35 to 40 years old, of slim build, with a pale complexion and gaunt features. He was also unshaven.

Both suspects were wearing dark clothing and dark woollen beanie hats. One was wearing a dark body warmer.

Det Sgt Todd Rutherfordsaid: "This was a cowardly attack, and the shopkeeper bravely fought off the attackers despite a shocking level of violence and the serious injuries he sustained.

"At the time of the incident, it is likely there would have been pedestrians and drivers in the Cargil Terrace area and we know the suspects were loitering nearby the shop before the incident took place.

"If anyone has seen these men before, during or after the attack, please contact us."

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