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Calls for Edinburgh Airport to review 'sky high' parking charges

Edinburgh Airport

A motoring organisation has called for Edinburgh Airport to review its "sky high" car parking charges.

The RAC also urged Scotland's busiest airport to be "clearer and more transparent" with its parking charges.

It follows an RAC survey which showed Edinburgh Airport charged £3.90 to park for 15 minutes. It also said Aberdeen Airport was "very expensive" to park at £2 for 15 minutes.

Edinburgh Airport said it offered a free pick up and drop-off area.

However, it is reached by shuttle bus and costs £5.90 if the motorist stays for more than 30 minutes.

'Huge disparity'

Pete Williams, RAC head of external affairs, told the BBC Scotland news website: "It would be popular with motorists if Edinburgh Airport was to review its charges.

"We would also urge that they were clearer and more transparent with parking charges.

"There are also an array of car parks, which makes it increasingly confusing for motorists and hard to notice the high costs if you stay over the time.

"Drivers are running the risk of incurring some hefty charges if they drive to a pick-up zone to collect somebody whose flight is delayed, or who has to wait a long time at baggage reclaim.

"Also Glasgow is free for drop-offs beside the terminal so there is a huge disparity between airports."

'Popular service'

An Edinburgh Airport spokesman said: "Edinburgh Airport is one of only six of the major UK airports to offer a free pick up and drop off area - this is a popular service that we are committed to maintaining.

"Edinburgh Airport is now one of the most competitive airports in Europe, offering direct flights to scores of destinations across Europe, North America and the Middle East.

"To provide that range of choice and quality facilities for passengers - such as our paid-for drop-off area - we invest millions of pounds at the airport and seek a modest contribution from the people who use the facilities to ensure that investment is sustained over the long-term and Edinburgh has an airport of which it can always be proud."

An Aberdeen International Airport spokesman said: "In April this year we increased the length of stay in the drop off zone from 10 to 15 minutes and the fee increased from £1 to £2 to reflect this.

"Customers are able to park in the short stay car park for 20 minutes at the same price and, importantly, a free drop off area is still available in the long stay car park. There was no change for blue badge holders.

"Those with a valid badge are still entitled to a free 30 minute period in the clearly marked blue badge spaces within the short stay car park, which are the closest spaces to the terminal."

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