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Love locks cut from Arthur's Seat by rangers

Arthur's Seat

Dozens of love locks fitted by couples to metal bars at the top of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh have been cut off.

Officials said the padlocks were removed because it is a historic monument.

Historic Environment Scotland said people could reclaim their padlocks from the park's rangers.

Couples had been securing them to ground fixings used to tie barrage balloons during World War Two.

Huge balloons tethered with metal cables were used to defend against enemy aircraft attack.

A spokesperson for Historic Environment Scotland, who manage Holyrood Park, said: "As part of the on-going management of the park, which is a scheduled monument, a number of 'love locks' were removed from the summit area of Arthur's Seat.

"The padlocks were cut away from the metal ground fixings that date back to World War Two, when it is believed they were used to secure barrage balloons.

"The padlocks removed are retained by our ranger staff for a short period of time and are available to be re-claimed, should any couples wish to do so."

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