World's best press pictures come to Edinburgh

image captionThe Scottish parliament is hosting an exhibition of images from the World Press Photo competition until 22 August. The exhibition features some of the best images from around the world. The overall winner was this picture of Jon and Alex, a gay couple in St Petersburg, taken by Mads Nissen. It was prompted by the discrimination faced by LGBT people in Russia.
image captionMany isolated young women in disadvantaged communities in Australia face problems such as entrenched poverty. This picture by Raphaela Rosella is one of those on display at the Scottish Parliament until 22 August.
image captionAsa Sjostrom captured this image of Igor celebrating his ninth birthday in Moldova, with a school friend. He and his brother were orphaned when his mother died working in the construction industry in Moscow. The full list of award winners is at
image captionThe second prize in the daily life category was won by Sarker Protick in Bangladesh. This image shows his grandfather John, who tells him stories about his early life with his late wife. The Scottish parliament is the only parliament in the world to host the exhibition.
image captionOn 26 August 2014, three people died and 10 were wounded by artillery fire in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. Sergei Ilnitsky took this photograph of everyday items sitting in a damaged kitchen.
image captionWei is a 19-year-old Chinese worker who produces Christmas decorations. The hat protects his hair from red dust and he changes his face mask six times each day. This image is the work of Ronghui Chen.
image captionAl Bello took this photograph of Odell Beckham of the New York Giants making a one-handed touchdown catch against the Dallas Cowboys at MetLife Stadium.
image captionKacper Kowalski won second prize in the long-term projects category. This picture is one of a series he took from a paraglider or gyroplane above the landscape near Gdynia in Poland.
image captionFungus spores penetrate the exoskeleton of an ant in this image by Anand Varma which won first prize in the nature category.
image captionThis photograph of students in a school yard was taken from a drone above El Dorada County in California by Tomas van Houtryve. He was illustrating the several thousand people killed in covert US drone strikes since 2004 in countries such as Pakistan and Yemen.
image captionPoaching organised by heavily-armed criminal networks is devastating animal populations on the African plains, including rhinos. Ami Vitale's work captures young Samburu warriors in Kenya encountering a rhino for the first time.
image captionFor 21 years, Darcy Padilla has been taking pictures of Julie in San Francisco. They chart her life and a story which involves sexual abuse, drug addiction and HIV infection.
image captionA man with Ebola-induced symptoms is escorted back to the Hastings Treatment Centre in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Advanced Ebola often results in a state of confusion. The man in this image by Pete Muller died soon after the picture was taken.
image captionIn 2014, 170,081 refugees and migrants were rescued from the Mediterranean. This photograph by Massimo Sestini shows a crowded boat 20 miles off Libya.
image captionOfficial sources say 70 protesters were shot dead near the end of the Maidan protests in Independence Square in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. Jerome Sessini caught the moment a protester called for medical assistance.
image captionArgentina footballer Lionel Messi and the World Cup trophy shortly after his team had lost 1-0 to German in the final of the competition. This image is the work of Bao Tailiang.
image captionGienna Gordon's photograph shows three school uniforms. They belong to girls captured by Boko Haram in northern Nigeria. The Islamist group believes girls should not be educated.
image captionA young girl was wounded in clashes between protesters and police in Turkey on 12 March 2014. This image is by Bulent Kilic. The protests followed the death of 15-year-old Berkin Elvan who was killed during earlier riots.
image captionIn Suzhou in China, a monkey cowers as it is approached by its trainer. The animal is being prepared for life in the circus. The moment was captured by Yongzhi Chu.

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