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Brian Barr admits stabbing his own eye with knife in West Lothian

A jilted lover stabbed a 10-inch kitchen knife into his left eye in his West Lothian home before claiming his girlfriend was to blame.

Brian Barr, 26, told a court he wanted to "ruin" his then partner Lisa Beattie's life because she admitted during a drunken row she had cheated.

Ms Beattie denied hitting Mr Barr to his severe injury, permanent disfigurement on 18 January 2013.

Ms Beattie was found not guilty and told he she was free to go.

Giving evidence to a jury at Livingston Sheriff Court on Monday, Mr Barr said: "I was embarrassed that I'd done it myself, but of course anybody would be."

Changed story

Asked why he had not changed his story earlier, Mr Barr, from Livingston, said: "I didn't come out of anger right away.

"I was really angry for a while. I blamed her because she provoked me to do it as well.

"I got a big knife, one of the biggest I picked out of the drawer in the kitchen. I'm quite stupid, so I don't know how big.

"We were shouting and swearing at each other and I said 'Do you want me to stab myself?' She sniggered and said 'Go on then', thinking obviously I wouldn't do it.

"I've held my eye open and pushed it in right away, not thinking because I was drunk and that. Then I fell to the ground."

Mr Barr said, despite an eye operation to save his sight, he was blind in his left eye.

"I can't see out of it now and it's squint," he said.

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