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Cyclist hurt after hitting rope tied across Edinburgh path

image captionOne of the ropes was tied across the path at head height

A cyclist has been injured after being knocked off his bike by a rope that was tied across a cycle path in Edinburgh.

The man received a cut on his nose and burns on his cheek during the incident at 18:30 on Monday on the path behind Tesco Metro at Davidson Mains.

Witnesses said there were two ropes tied across the busy cycle path, one at head height and the other at knee height.

Police are investigating and have appealed for witnesses.

The injured cyclist was thought to be in his 50s.

Another cyclist, a 27-year-old school teacher who managed to stop before she hit the ropes, said she found the man dazed, bleeding and looking for his glasses.

She told the BBC Scotland news website: "We found his glasses but one of the lenses was missing. We were nervous because it was dark on that stretch of path as it is not lit and we wondered if anyone was watching us to mug us.

"The ropes were tied with lots of knots and completely designed to trip up cyclists.

"I am completely horrified at how it was premeditated and so well designed.

"It could have seriously hurt someone. The path needs to be lit."

'Incredibly dangerous'

Alex Robertson, 27, whose girlfriend avoided the rope, said a cyclist could have been killed if they had hit it at high speed.

He said: "This is not a laugh but instead incredibly dangerous.

"The rope was tied very securely. I am very angry and upset that people have set this up to injure and maim people.

"This part of the path is darker than the rest as its not lit and that's why the rope has been tied there."

A Police Scotland spokesman said: "Police are investigating following an incident that happened around 18:30 on Monday where a cyclist collided with a rope that had been placed across a cycle path in the Davidson's Mains area of the city.

"Anyone with information that can assist our inquiries should contact Police Scotland."