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Woman who blackmailed lover jailed

A blackmailer who extorted £25,000 from a man after claiming a fictitious uncle would seriously hurt him has been jailed for two years and eight months.

Katrina Soutar met the man - who cannot be named for legal reasons - in a pub in Kirkcaldy last year.

She obtained £200 from him and performed a sex act on him.

But she later claimed her uncle was going to hunt him down and hurt him over the way he had treated her.

Soutar managed to make the man hand over £25,000 in cash in a series of payments.

Each time she made her demands the man obliged - until he eventually went to police and reported her.

Recorded calls

She had claimed the money was to "appease" her angry relative.

But it later emerged the violent uncle did not exist - and that Soutar had made him up to get money from the man.

Fiscal depute Nicola Henderson told Cupar Sheriff Court that police listened to recorded phone calls between the pair, and Soutar was detained on suspicion of extortion.

Soutar, 28, of Kirkcaldy, pleaded guilty on indictment to extorting £25,000 from the man by threatening him, menacing him and intimidating him with threats of "physical injury and persecution" between 28 December and 5 January.

Krista Johnston, defending, said Soutar admitted she had taken advantage of the complainer but that she had been "surprised" at how compliant he had been in providing her with more money after the initial payment of £200.

'Abusing valium'

Ms Johnston said almost £18,000 of the £25,000 had been recovered, and that if her client could sign the money over to the complainer personally she would be more than happy to do so.

She added: "Regarding the threats about the uncle - there was in fact no actual threat to the complainer in that regard as there was no uncle.

"The threats were fictitious.

"The accused is young and fairly vulnerable herself and was abusing valium at the time."

Sheriff Charles Macnair QC jailed Soutar for 32 months.

He said: "Over an extended period you made threats to the complainer. You may not have been in a position to fulfil those threats and indeed there was no uncle but he did not know that.

"The sum of money extorted was very substantial, being £25,000, and a significant figure has not been recovered."

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