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Prof Peter Higgs: New portrait of boson particle physicist

image captionThe portrait was painted by Scottish artist Victoria Crowe

A new portrait of the scientist who gave his name to the Higgs boson "god particle" has been unveiled in Edinburgh.

Prof Peter Higgs came up with the theory on how matter attains its mass.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh commissioned leading Scottish painter Victoria Crowe to produce the portrait, which was unveiled on Friday.

It said it wanted to honour Prof Higgs' outstanding contribution to the understanding of particle physics.

The Edinburgh University physicist hit upon his defining concept during a walk in the Cairngorms in 1964, when he started to consider the existence of a particle that gives matter its mass.

He wrote two scientific papers on his theory and was eventually published in the Physical Review Letters journal, sparking a 40-year hunt for the Higgs boson.

In July, a team from the European nuclear research facility at Cern, Geneva, announced the detection of a particle that fitted the description of the elusive Higgs.

Earlier this year First Minister Alex Salmond announced an annual prize for school students who excel in physics was to be named after Prof Higgs.

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