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Exotic spider found in Fife fridge

image captionThe spider that was found inside a couple's fridge in Fife

A poisonous spider from India has been found inside a couple's fridge in Fife.

The exotic species, which is from the wolf spider family, is not deadly but, if bitten, it would leave a bad sting.

David and Beverley Cooper, from Glenrothes, found the spider on Wednesday inside their fridge next to a box of grapes.

The couple called the Scottish SPCA and the spider is now being looked after by the Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World in Midlothian.

Kieran Smart, of the Scottish SPCA, said: "The spider was found in the fridge, next to a box of grapes which originated from India, so the chances are it has come home in the Cooper's shopping.

"Apparently Mrs Cooper was absolutely terrified when she spotted it, but her cool-headed husband managed to contain the spider until we arrived.

"This spider could give a nasty bite but thankfully no-one was harmed.

"Mr Cooper was quick-thinking and did the right thing by containing it safely and calling us for help."

Different markings

Kevin Thom, of Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World, said: "This spider isn't deadly but, if bitten, it would leave a real sting.

"Although it's not much bigger than the average house spider, it definitely isn't from Britain.

"It has different markings and, unlike house spiders, its eyes are at the front of its head, helping it to hunt and escape danger."

Mr Cooper said: "I heard my wife screaming and, when I went to see what was wrong, I discovered the spider sitting on the wall of the fridge.

"It was odd looking and I immediately knew it wasn't a normal house spider. I think being in the cold had slowed it down as it wasn't moving very quickly and was relatively easy to catch."