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Edinburgh council powerless to remove caravan parked on yellow line

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Media captionThe caravan has been parked in the same spot for four months

Edinburgh City Council has said it is powerless to penalise the owner of a caravan which has been parked on a yellow line for about four months.

It is parked in the city's Lower Gilmore Place, just metres from the city's parking attendants' base.

Councillors say they cannot ticket the caravan because it is technically not a vehicle, and it cannot be removed as it is not causing an obstruction.

Transport convener Lesley Hinds said it was "a grey area".

"Parking attendants can only issue tickets to vehicles and caravans are not technically classed as vehicles," she said.

"However, the council can remove caravans if they are found to be causing an obstruction to road users, including cyclists, or pedestrians.

"The neighbourhood roads team has been monitoring this particular case and, although the caravan's position does not seem to be obstructing road or footway traffic, we will continue to work with the caravan's owner to resolve this situation as soon as possible."

Local Green Councillor Gavin Corbett said: "It is absurd that a caravan can sit here for months on end despite it causing a real hazard for bikes and cars coming round a tight corner to access the Union Canal.

"It needs to get moved on before someone gets hurt."

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