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Muslims in Scottish Parliament film protest

image captionAbout 200 Muslims staged a protest outside the Scottish parliament

About 200 Muslims have staged a protest outside the Scottish Parliament.

The group were demonstrating against the anti-Islam film, Innocence Of Muslims, made in the US, which has caused offence across the Muslim world.

The rally was attended by Muslims from across Edinburgh who were demanding action to curb religious hatred.

Demonstrators waved banners reading "No religion is allowed to insult any other religion" and "We demand international law to stop religious hatred".

The SNP MSP Jim Eadie was among the speakers to address the group and pledged their concerns would be heard.

Spokesman Akeer Umar said the event was linked to a public petition which they intend to present to the parliament.

'Poor piece'

It is calling for a some regulations to be placed on the freedom of speech to reduce the risk of religious hatred.

Mr Umar said: "We want to raise our concerns with the Scottish Parliament so that some necessary changes can be made with reference to Ofcom and the regulators to stop promotion of any hateful media clips.

"Perhaps the laws need to be looked at and reassessed."

He said Muslims in Edinburgh are "more hurt than angry" about the film.

"The video itself was made by a director who conned some of the actors," he said.

"The purpose of this video does not appear to be positively motivated. It appears to be a very negative, very poor piece of filmed documentary."