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Party woman left pet dog for days in Edinburgh flat

Lurcher cross-breed Bonnie
Image caption Lurcher cross-breed Bonnie after she was rescued

An Edinburgh woman has been banned from keeping animals for life after she left her dog without food or water for days while she went out drinking.

Carol Buchanan, 42, pled guilty to causing 14-month-old lurcher cross-breed Bonnie unnecessary suffering.

At Edinburgh Sheriff Court, she admitted failing to provide food and veterinary attention.

Buchanan abandoned Bonnie for at least two days in October 2010 when she went to meet a friend for drinks.

The Scottish SPCA was alerted to Bonnie's suffering when neighbours heard her howling.

Senior SPCA inspector Stuart Murray said: "We are delighted that Buchanan has received a life ban on keeping animals as she is clearly unfit to provide any animal with the care and attention it needs.

"Bonnie was emaciated when we rescued her and there was no food or water left in her reach."

Bonnie was rescued by the charity and cared for at its Edinburgh and Lothians Animal Rescue Centre before finding a new home.

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