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Three rescued from mud pit in Edinburgh

image captionThe boys became trapped in mud at the building site

Two boys and a man had to be rescued by firefighters after becoming stuck in mud at an Edinburgh building site.

The boys, aged nine and 10, had become trapped in mud up to their waists at the site on Greendykes Road at 19:15 on Monday.

A third boy ran to get help. Meanwhile a man from nearby flats heard the boys' cries and went to help.

However, after managing to free one of the youngsters from the mud he also became stuck.

Fire crews used a nine-metre ladder which they placed across the mud to use as a bridge.

Two firefighters then crawled along it to pull the remaining boy and his would-be rescuer free.

All three were then taken to hospital for a check-up.

A spokeswoman for Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service said: "This was a very frightening situation for the two boys who became stuck.

"They were shocked and very cold by the time they were freed from the mud.

"Fortunately the swift actions of the firefighters, who were able to assess the situation and effect a rescue using their ladders, meant that all three were released safely.

"They had a very lucky escape and had the alarm not been raised so swiftly things could have ended very differently."

She added: "The site had a lot of standing water and excavations and, as such, was a precarious place for children to investigate.

"We would urge parents to remind children of the dangers of playing in places that are unsafe and the risks that they could face."