Scotland's papers: Sturgeon survives and Covid victims remembered

image captionThe fallout from the government's botched investigation into harassment complaints against Alex Salmond continues to dominate the front pages. The Scotsman reports on a bid to force the resignation of Nicola Sturgeon through a vote of no confidence being defeated. But its main focus is on the government's complaints policies being branded "laughable". Two women who made complaints about Mr Salmond told MSPs that a "blind eye was turned" to his alleged behaviour.
image captionThe Scottish Sun leads with the report by a Holyrood committee describing the government's complaints procedures as "seriously flawed". First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was cleared of breaching the ministerial code by an independent inquiry and has apologised "to the women let down".
image captionThe Herald leads with Ms Sturgeon telling MSPs she would not be bullied out of office, after surviving a vote of no confidence brought by the Conservatives. The first minister also called for an end to the "toxic" climate in Scottish politics ahead of May's Holyrood election.
image captionThe Daily Express says the Alex Salmond case has seriously damaged Ms Sturgeon, despite her being found not to have broken ministerial rules. The paper suggests public trust in Holyrood has been "wrecked" by the saga.
image captionThe Daily Mail also focuses on Ms Sturgeon, with its "The buck stops with you" headline. It says the Holyrood report criticises the fact that no one in government has been held accountable for the unlawful Alex Salmond investigation.
image captionThe i leads with Ms Sturgeon saying she "still has full confidence" in Scotland's top civil servant Leslie Evans. Opposition parties have criticised Ms Evans' role in continuing to push ahead with the Salmond investigation against legal advice.
image captionThe Metro leads with the first minister insisting she would have quit if she had been found guilty of breaching the ministerial code. It is also one of several papers to carry front-page pictures of tributes to Covid victims one year after the start of Scotland's first lockdown.
image captionThe National says Ms Sturgeon has insisted the only people who will force her out of office are Scotland's voters, after the Conservatives failed to win a vote of no confidence in the first minister. The vote fell by 65 votes to 31 with 27 abstentions.
image captionThe Daily Record describes the outcome of the vote of no-confidence as a humiliation for Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross and the party's Holyrood leader Ruth Davidson. The Tories were the only party to back the motion.
image captionThe Times also features Ms Sturgeon's defence of Scotland's top civil servant Leslie Evans. But it leads with tributes to those who died in the pandemic, one year on from the start of the first lockdown. "Bells toll for 126,000 lives lost" is the headline in The Times, which says it was a time for the nation to "mourn its losses and contemplate a future that remains worryingly uncertain".
image captionChildren will start receiving a Covid vaccine from August, claims the Telegraph, which quotes two sources involved in provisional UK government plans. It says safety data on the child vaccine study being run by Oxford University, which ministers will use to make their final decisions, is expected shortly. The paper also carries a statement from the original Alex Salmond complainants who said they were subsequently "dropped" by the Scottish government.
image captionThe Press and Journal leads with news that more oil and gas wells are to be drilled in the North Sea, while investment will be made in moving production towards net-zero emissions. The industry will be helped by joint government and private investment of up to £16bn by 2030.
image captionThe Courier leads with a Fife man being jailed for 31 months after he carried out an axe attack on a neighbour in Methilhill.
image captionThe Glasgow Times has an interview with a teacher who fears she will not return to the classroom after her battle with coronavirus left her using a wheelchair.
image captionThe Edinburgh News says a man has been hailed as a hero after pulling a lorry driver to safety after his vehicle crashed and caught fire.
image captionThe Evening Express leads with the appointment of former Aberdeen player Stephen Glass as the Pittodrie club's new manager.

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