Scotland's papers: New Covid strain in Scotland and 'save Union' plan

image captionThe Herald says Scotland has identified at least three cases of the South African coronavirus variant which is feared to be more resistant to inoculation.
image captionThe UK government has launched a "fresh drive" to save the Union after the SNP published its "roadmap to a referendum", with Michael Gove said to have held talks with former Labour PM Gordon Brown, reports The Scotsman.
image captionThe National says Nicola Sturgeon characterised a "frightened" prime minister as "cowrin tim'rous Johnson", with the first minister promising a legal referendum on independence after the election in May.
image captionThe Metro also leads with the first minister's Robert Burns jibe at Boris Johnson, as she accused the prime minister of being "frightened of democracy".
image captionThe Daily Express says "furious Tories" have demanded that Ms Sturgeon drop the "reckless" plan for a second independence referendum while the country fights the virus.
image caption"The SNP takes fire on jab standstill", is the lead story in The Daily Telegraph. The newspaper says Ms Sturgeon has defended the decision to vaccinate care home residents first, slowing down the national rollout for over-80s.
image captionThe Times says UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak is backing the plan for quarantine hotels for all travellers coming to the UK, with tougher border curbs also considered for Scotland.
image captionThe UK government's vaccine chief says delaying the second dose of the vaccine will save more lives as it will give more protection to the population as a whole, reports the i newspaper.
image captionThe Daily Mail devotes its front page to its own campaign to help source laptops to lockdown pupils, which the newspaper says has raised a "staggering £250,000" over the first weekend.
image captionThe Daily Record says the parent company of fatal fire hotel Cameron House is registered in a Caribbean tax haven, with a PO Box in an office in the Cayman Islands.
image caption"Pets wins Pfizers" is the headline on the front page of the Daily Star, the newspaper saying that cats and dogs may need vaccination jabs to help stop the spread of Covid-19.
image captionThe Press and Journal says there are calls for police officers to be prioritised for Covid vaccines after fears were raised about the safety of officers on the front line.
image captionThe death of a baby in Fife has sparked calls for a review of the community first responder scheme, reports The Courier.
image captionThe Glasgow Times says a worker at a university construction site in the city has criticised the Covid safety risk and "tick-box" exercises.
image captionA rapist appeared in television adverts for a personal injury claims campaign during his "reign of abuse and blackmail", reports the Edinburgh Evening News.
image captionThe Evening Express says tributes have been paid to a north-east Scotland "darts great" who has died with Covid-19.

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