Scotland's papers: UK shuts borders and vaccine 'wastage' concerns

image captionThe Times reports that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suspended all of Britain's quarantine-free travel corridors amid mounting concerns over the new coronavirus variants emerging around the globe.
image captionThe i's headline is "fortress Britain", the newspaper saying that everyone arriving in the country after 04:00 on Monday must have proof of a negative Covid test before and after travelling.
image captionThe UK border restrictions are to last until at least 15 February but could go on for much longer, with the slower roll-out of the vaccine in other countries, reports The Daily Telegraph.
image captionThe Daily Express says Mr Johnson made the "dramatic move" to stop "dangerous" new strains of Covid-19 entering Britain through one of the country's 63 travel corridors.
image captionDoctors' leaders have demanded "full transparency" from health boards amid concerns over the number of Covid vaccines wasted after clinics were told not to give boosters to NHS workers, reports The Herald.
image captionFormer prime minister Tony Blair has said lockdown restrictions could be eased "significantly" next month because of the the high level of vaccine supplies secured by the UK, reports The Scotsman.
image captionThe Sun leads with the story that Health Secretary Jeanne Freeman has apologised for "blurting out" sensitive information about the UK's supply and storage of the Covid vaccine.
image captionThe SNP says the Conservatives are planning to "sledgehammer" the rights of workers, who will pay a "devastating price" for Brexit, according to The National.
image captionThe Daily Mail says a close friend of Prince Harry has claimed his "heart is broken" over his rift with the Royal Family.
image captionCeltic have issued an assurance to Jewish community leaders that threats against player Nir Bitton are being investigated by the club.
image captionThe Courier leads with the story that a Fife man who used Twitter to name women alleging they had been sexually assaulted by Alex Salmond has been warned he is facing a possible prison sentence for revealing their identities.
image captionThe Press and Journal says companies are celebrating a £100m legal win after judges ordered insurers to pay out for business interuption.
image captionThe Weekend Telegraph reports that two brothers "mowed" a man down in a "twisted murder bid".
image captionThe Evening Express reports on the mass vaccination programme as the roll-out begins in north-east Scotland.
image captionSupplies of pet food are running out in Edinburgh with a huge rise in demand, according to the Edinburgh Evening News.

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