Man admits killing Dundee DJ in wheelie bin attack

Image source, Police Scotland
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Ryan Barrie was a well-known DJ in Dundee

A man has admitted killing a Dundee DJ after throwing a wheelie bin at him during a street confrontation.

Stephen Robbins, 34, attacked Ryan Barrie, who was nicknamed Mini, in the city's Benvie Gardens in March.

Mr Barrie, 39, hit his head on a wooden fence beam after being hit with the bin, resulting in a fatal subdural haemorrhage.

Robbins admitted a charge of culpable homicide and will be sentenced in January.

He was originally charged with murdering Mr Barrie, but prosecutors accepted his guilty plea to the lesser charge at the High Court in Edinburgh.

The court was told Robbins had been walking home and was "intoxicated and generally noisy".

Advocate depute Leanne Cross said Mr Barrie got out of bed and went to a bedroom window and the two men began a "heated exchange" for several minutes.

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Mr Barrie was fatally injured outside his home in Benvie Gardens

Mr Barrie went into the street to confront Robbins, who pushed him on the shoulders with both hands.

Ms Cross said: "The deceased stumbled back a bit and both men started throwing punches at each other."

Robbins punched Mr Barrie on the head and body and pushed him into a bush in a front garden.

Mr Barrie tried to get up and was halfway to his feet when an empty blue wheelie bin was thrown at him.

Ms Cross said: "The wheelie bin landed on the deceased's back.

"It caused him to fall forward and hit his head off a wooden beam which was part of a low fixed dividing fence."

'Tragic combination of events'

Mr Barrie was helped back into his house and attempts were made to persuade him to go to hospital, but he did not want to go.

He was later found to have stopped breathing and could not be resuscitated by paramedics.

Robbins later claimed he had only punched Mr Barrie twice and "couldn't believe what was happening."

He later stated that he threw the wheelie bin at Mr Barrie to get away.

Defence counsel Mark Stewart QC told the court that it appeared to be "a tragic combination of events".

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