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Scotland's papers: Sturgeon under pressure over care homes

image captionThe Scottish Sun's headline "positively furious" refers to a reports issued on Wednesday about the transfer of Covid patients into care homes at the beginning of the pandemic in Scotland. The paper says 113 coronavirus patients were sent to care homes — while potentially still infectious. The tabloid focuses on the brother of a woman who died at a unit in Glasgow in April after contracting the virus.
image captionThe Herald claims the first minister is under increasing pressure following the "reckless" move to transfer the Covid positive patients from hospitals and the story calls for a public inquiry into the incident.
image captionIn The Scotsman, opposition parties compare the initial care home policy to "Russian roulette" as it also leads with the Public Health Scotland report. The paper quotes Age Scotland, who called the move "irresponsible".
image captionThe i newspaper lists the report's main findings, including the conclusion that there was no "statistically significant" evidence that moving more than 100 infected patients into care homes caused outbreaks.
image captionThe Scottish Daily Mail calls the episode a "sickening betrayal" of Scotland's elderly. The paper also says that one in three care homes in Scotland suffered an outbreak of the virus between March and June.
image captionA "scandalous dereliction" of public safety is how the Scottish Daily Express describes the care home situation. It claims the SNP, in response to the findings, had made no link between the transfers from hospitals and the spread of the virus in care facilities.
image captionThe Edinburgh News leads with the same story of a "Covid scandal in care homes'. It also features a picture of a Scottish miner from Bilston Glen after miners who were convicted of breach of the peace and similar offences during the 1984-5 strike were given a pardon.
image captionPerth is "holding back the tiers" according to the Courier as Perth and Kinross council battles to stop the entire Tayside region being put into Tier 3 restrictions.
image captionThe P&J reports "mutiny in the Town House" as an alliance of rebel Aberdeen councillors accuse city officials of wielding "far too much power" over Covid-19 physical distancing works.
image captionOn the day Scots will learn which tier of restrictions their area is in, the Daily Telegraph says millions of Scots will be subject to travel restrictions under the new strategic framework.
image captionAn exclusive in The Times says claims by Labour MP Paul Sweeney against Boris Johnson's former campaign chairman Ross Thomson were unfounded. The parliamentary standards commissioner has cleared Mr Thomson after accusations from Mr Sweeney before last year's general election that he had been molested by Mr Thomson at a bar in parliament.
image captionThe Daily Record's splash is about twin sisters from Irvine who admitted clearing out their grandparents' life savings while posing as their doting carers. The paper claims relatives of Clair and Louise Smith have called for the 25-year-olds to be jailed.
image captionThe National leads on a claim the UK government is to be taken to court over the Russia Report in a group action.
image captionThe Glasgow Times front page covers a court story about a man who taunted a disabled neighbour.
image captionAnd the Daily Star of Scotland leads with football legend Ian St John joining the paper's campaign to have the Scotland v Serbia game shown on television free.
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