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Scotland's papers: Islands call for testing rule and 'lost children'

image captionThe Herald leads with calls from the Scottish islands to introduce special travel exemptions which would allow residents "to get back to normality". The potential new measure could see anyone travelling from the mainland receiving a mandatory Covid test before being granted entry, the paper reports.
image captionDoctors say the pandemic is threatening to turn what was a mental health crisis into a catastrophe, according to The Sunday Post. The paper leads with calls from bereaved parents to "drastically" improve the mental health services which "failed" their children.
image caption"Fresh way to deliver the goods" is Scotland on Sunday's headline following news that a record number of shops have closed on UK high streets. The paper suggests shops must "adapt to survive". New research shows some 11.120 chain store outlets shut between January and June and although 5,000 shops opened in the same period, it was not enough to fill the gap.
image captionThere are fears that circuit-breakers - a short, limited lockdown - "would not end", the Scottish Sunday Express reports. The paper quotes a Whitehall source who said the proposal will cause great damage to the economy by triggering indefinite lockdowns.
image captionFormer prime minister Tony Blair has been accused of breaching quarantine rules after being pictured at a restaurant in London reportedly 10 days after visiting Washington DC. The Sunday Telegraph says he has been accused of failing to self-isolate for the full two-week period that is required after travelling to the US for a two-day trip on a private jet. A spokeswoman for Mr Blair said Whitehall officials had told him to follow guidance for international conferences "which he did", adding the former PM had been tested, before during and after the trip.
image captionA ban on all physical punishment for children makes the front page of the Scottish Mail on Sunday, which was passed by an overwhelming majority in the Scottish parliament last October. The law will come into effect on November 7, with the paper highlighting how leaflets have been produced encouraging children to call the police if they are assaulted.
image captionThe National leads with the results of a survey which found 54% of participants believe Scotland will vote for independence "within the next year or so". The study was part of the What Britain Thinks series run by Prof Sir John Curtice of Strathclyde University.
image captionAnd "defiant" football fans make the front page of the Sunday Mail having travelled to England to watch the Old Firm clash. Large crowds headed to Carlisle with Cumbria Police officers patrolling the streets to quell any disruption - despite a warning from the first minister for fans to stay at home, the paper reports.