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In pictures: Scotland's last orders

By Christopher Bobyn
BBC Scotland's The Nine


At the Oz Bar in Edinburgh, just before 18:00 on Friday, manager Eilidh Robinson rang the last orders bell for the last time in more than two weeks.

All pubs and restaurants across the central belt of Scotland are now closed until Sunday 25 October as part of strict new Covid restrictions.

As the last drinks were poured, Ms Robinson said she did not agree with the Scottish government's decision despite being an SNP supporter.

"Close all the off-licences if you want to stop people drinking and meeting without any safety measures," she said.

"We keep our bar clean and customers safe. They've put the blame on hospitality and drove the last nail in our coffin."

At the nearby Bow bar, staff were also advising customers that it was last orders.

The pub soon emptied and will remain that way for 16 days.

At Maggie Dickson's bar in the Grassmarket, one of Edinburgh's busiest areas for nightlife, the last pint before the closure was poured by barman Simon.

He said: "I'm part time, so at best I'll get furlough for that income, which is better than nothing, but the next two weeks will be a hit."

As the last customers left, Friday night in Edinburgh was much quieter than usual.

Restaurants have also been told to close as part of the new restrictions affecting more than half the population of Scotland. The financial pressures mean no one is sure how many businesses will be able to reopen when the restrictions are finally lifted.

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