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Scotland's papers: New lockdown 'looms' amid second wave warning

image captionA number of papers in Scotland are dominated by the prospect of another lockdown in the coming days. The Scottish Daily Mail reports that Nicola Sturgeon "signalled tougher restrictions" on social visits and businesses to combat a rise in cases - and these rules could be announced on Monday.
image captionThe Scottish Daily Express splashes on Nicola Sturgeon's "circuit breaker" strategy, which she said would "interrupt" the spread of the virus. During a media briefing on Friday, Ms Sturgeon said the virus was on the rise and was spreading "quite rapidly".
image captionThe "circuit breaker" quote also makes the headline on The Daily Telegraph, however the paper highlights that the first minister will make a decision on the matter over the weekend. It also reports Ms Sturgeon has asked Boris Johnson to convene a Cobra meeting for UK-wide discussions.
image captionThe plan to shut bars and restaurants would help keep schools open, according to The Times. The paper also highlights comments from one scientific adviser to the Scottish government, who said that a two-week lockdown would "buy time" to improve testing measures.
image caption"Time is running out" is The Scottish Sun's take, after the first minister said Scotland had reached "the most critical point of decisions" since the first lockdown in March. The paper also carries a story about the death of a man in Turkey after he fell from a hotel window.
image captionSimilarly The Scotsman focuses on timing, saying Scotland is at "tipping point" as 200 new cases were registered in one day. On Friday the prime minister announced that the UK would be hit by a second wave of the virus and confirmed the government was looking at the need to tighten restrictions.
image captionThe i quotes Boris Johnson as saying widespread infections are "inevitable" with the headline "UK on edge". It also reports on the stricter measures imposed in the Midlands and north of England following similar local restrictions in Scotland.
image captionExperts have warned Nicola Sturgeon against a second national lockdown, according to The Press and Journal. It comes after the first minister herself admitted that "no-one wants to see another full-scale lockdown" during Friday's briefing.
image captionPushback against a national lockdown also appears in the Evening Express, which claims that the move would be the "kiss of death" for many businesses. The paper reports warnings that a lockdown would leave thousands out of work.
image captionThe Edinburgh Evening News highlights a message from health chiefs who have urged people to "do the right thing" this weekend. The paper also carries news that an academy player from Edinburgh Rugby has tested positive for coronavirus.
image captionThe Herald's lead story highlights that one in five patients admitted to hospital with Covid-19 since the start of August have been under 45 - and that teenagers are among those requiring acute care.
image captionWhile keeping schools open is a priority for the Scottish government, the Glasgow Times reports that one angry parent has claimed St Francis Primary in Glasgow should close. Five classes at the school have been sent home to self-isolate after a pupil tested positive for the virus, the paper reports.
image captionThe Daily Record reports a "historic move" as hundreds of Scottish miners who were convicted of criminal offences during Thatcher-era strikes are set to be pardoned. An independent review established by the Scottish government proposed the move and would also cover miners who have died, the paper reports.
image captionThe National reports that leaders of Scotland and Wales have accused Boris Johnson of going "AWOL" at one of the "most critical points" of the pandemic. The paper highlights the fact that Mr Johnson has not chaired a Cobra meeting since May, while Ms Sturgeon has called on him to convene a summit urgently.
image captionThe Courier reports that Dundee is "still on the map" after a new flight route connecting the city to Belfast became operational. The paper says it is hoped the twice-weekly route will be doubled next year.
image captionThe Weekend Telegraph leads with tributes from DJ Ally Ballingall - the man behind Radio Tay - whose son recently died from a respiratory attack. The presenter said he and his family were shocked and devastated, and described son Craig as "cheeky and lively and talented and very popular".
image captionAnd bucking all news trends, the Daily Star says it has bought a planet to prevent Armaggedon.