Scotland's papers: Civil servant tells Salmond inquiry 'sorry'

image captionThe first day of the Holyrood inquiry into the bungled handling of complaints against Alex Salmond features on the majority of the front pages. The National leads with Leslie Evans, the permanent secretary to the Scottish government, telling the inquiry she wanted to "apologise unreservedly to all concerned for this procedural failure".
image captionThe i also has this apology on its front page, with Ms Evans claiming that despite the errors, investigating the complaints was "the right thing to do".
image captionThe timing of when Nicola Sturgeon first became aware of the allegations against her predecessor is the focus of the front page of the Daily Express.
image captionThe Herald carries comments from opposition MSPs urging Nicola Sturgeon to "come clean" about when she was first told about the allegations.
image captionThe Scotsman features testimony from Ms Evans where she revealed she told Ms Sturgeon about alleged concerns about Mr Salmond months before an official probe was launched.
image captionThe Scottish Daily Mail also focuses on the timeline of when the first minister knew about the allegations made against Mr Salmond.
image captionThe Daily Telegraph reports that until Ms Evans gave evidence, it was thought the first Ms Sturgeon knew of any allegations against the former first minister was when the official probe got under way.
image captionThe Times reports that the Metropolitan Police have dropped an investigation into complaints from a woman about Alex Salmond.
image captionElsewhere the Daily Record focuses on a 26-year-old man shot dead in Blantyre, South Lanarkshire in what police are describing as a targeted attack.
image captionA man who gave the daughter of Taggart and Holby City star, John Michie, drugs at a music festival and filmed her as she died has had his conviction for manslaughter overturned, The Scottish Sun reports.
image captionThe Courier raises the prospect of a local lockdown in the Coupar Angus area after a spike in coronavirus cases linked to an outbreak at a chicken factory.
image captionThe Press and Journal reports that a 65-year-old man has been charged in connection with the death of another man in Inverness.
image captionA sports centre breaking the ban on indoor games of squash makes the front page of the Aberdeen Evening Express.
image captionThe Edinburgh Evening News splashes with the conviction of a bus driver who caused the death of a couple after driving dangerously on to the other side of the road in West Lothian.
image captionCriticism of the state of the former What Every Woman Wants building in Glasgow makes the front page of the Evening Times.
image captionThe death of an eight-year-old boy from an asthma attack makes the front page of Dundee's Evening Telegraph.
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image captionIn the wake of the exam results u-turn in England, the Daily Star refers to the prime minister as the Invisible Man. It says Brits have been "left scratching their heads" about the whereabouts of Boris Johnson.

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