Lockdown rules in Scotland: What can you do in phase two - and when?

By Graeme Esson
BBC Scotland website

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People are being advised to stay local for leisure and recreation

Scotland will enter the second phase of easing lockdown restrictions on Friday.

Over the coming weeks shops will start to reopen, work will resume in certain industries, and some of the rules about meeting other people will be relaxed.

But not all the changes will take place at the same time - so what can you do in Phase 2, and when?

From Friday 19 June

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Outdoor groups of up to eight people remains the core rule

Meeting people: You will now be able to meet people from up to two other households outdoors, either together or separately.

While these do not always have to be the same households, the Scottish government's advice is that people should not meet more than two other households in one day. As in phase one, there should not be more than eight people in a group.

If you are meeting in someone's garden, you will be able to use their toilet - although you should avoid touching surfaces and clean anything that you touch.

Those who are shielding are now able to go outdoors for exercise, and from Friday they will also be able to play golf and take part in other non-contact activities.

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They will also be able to meet people from one other household in groups of up to eight people - but are advised to be "extremely cautious", stick to quiet areas, and stay at least two metres away from other people at all times.

In addition, people who live on their own, or only with children under 18, can form an extended household group.

They will be able to meet people from one other household indoors, with no physical distancing, and can also stay overnight.

However, you can only be a part of one extended household - and they should not include anyone who is shielding.

From Monday 22 June

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Public transport: Face coverings will be mandatory on buses, trains, trams, planes, taxis and private hire cabs, as well as enclosed areas on ferries.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said this would be "increasingly important" as more people start to use public transport again as more workplaces and public services are reopened.

People are still being asked to work from home wherever possible, and to stay in their local area during Phase 2.

That means not travelling more than five miles for leisure and recreation - although that limit does not apply to meeting family and friends.

The government says it wants to lift the limit on travel in Phase 3, with tourism due to resume from 15 July.

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The construction industry is gradually starting back and further progress can be made with social distancing observed

Dentists will be able to see patients with urgent care needs from Monday.

Places of worship will also reopen - but only for individual prayer, not communal worship.

Professional sport can also resume, although - since strict public health restrictions remain in place - this will only be behind closed doors.

The construction industry will be able to move to the next phase of its restart plan.

From 29 June

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Visit more shops: Stores of all sizes will be able to reopen - but only if they have outdoor entrances and exits.

That means indoor shopping centres will have to remain closed until Phase 3, except where they contain essential shops.

Retailers and councils are being asked to ensure that physical distancing and hygiene measures are in place ahead of reopening, and that steps are taken to manage queues, pedestrians and cyclists.

Outdoor markets will also be able to open, as will outdoor sports courts and playgrounds.

Zoos and garden attractions will also be able to open again, although you should not travel more than about five miles to visit them - and tickets should be bought in advance.

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The continued appeal to workers is to stay at home where possible

While non-essential offices and call centres must remain closed, factories, laboratories and warehouses will be able to reopen - subject to strict physical distancing, hygiene and health and safety guidance.

Businesses are being advised to arrange staggered work times for their staff, agree flexible working where possible, and ensure that it is safe for their employees to get to work.

Restrictions on moving house will also be lifted.

Marriages and civil partnerships will be allowed to take place outdoors, with limited numbers, and registration offices will reopen for essential business.

What isn't changing yet?

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Outdoor hospitality areas will remain shut - for now

The government's original route map had indicated that pubs and restaurants would be able to open outdoor spaces, such as beer gardens, in Phase 2.

However, Ms Sturgeon said she was unable to give a date for when this change would take effect and has asked for more scientific advice before making a decision.

"There is emerging evidence that places such as pubs, restaurants and gyms can be hotspots for transmission," she said.

"It is important that we better understand this evidence, and what further mitigation might be necessary to protect people in such spaces, before we permit them to open."

The first minister said she hoped to announce early in July whether they would be able to reopen during Phase 2.