Gallery: Supermoon images from across Scotland to lift the spirit

image copyrightPA Media
image captionPress Association photographer Andrew Milligan took this stunning shot of the supermoon over the Kelpies.

Stargazers across Scotland captured some stunning images of a pink supermoon overnight.

Despite its name, there is not any noticeable colour difference to the full moon.

It refers to a northern Native American reference to an early-blooming wildflower and is first seen across North America as spring begins.

The lunar light show, which peaked at 03:55, was pictured by professionals and amateurs with spectacular results.

image copyrightPA Media
image captionA haunting shot of Edinburgh from Press Association photographer Jane Barlow.
image copyrightMichael Sweeney
image captionMichael Sweeney managed to capture the supermoon and a bird from the garden of his home in Glasgow.
image copyrightNorman Ferguson
image captionNorman Ferguson, of Edinburgh, sent in this beautiful shot.
image copyrightDouglas MacRae
image captionDouglas MacRae photographed the supermoon over the Braes of Lochaber
image copyrightNeil Thomas Douglas
image captionNeil Thomas Douglas captured this shot of the supermoon though the squinty bridge over the River Clyde in Glasgow.
image copyrightSusan
image captionSusan took this shot of the moon and her pet dog in Newton St Boswells in the Borders.
image copyrightPA Media
image captionAnd finally Press Association photographer Jane Barlow also captured this beautiful shot of the sky over Calton Hill in Edinburgh.

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