Scotland's papers: Boris Johnson moved to intensive care

image captionPrime Minister Boris Johnson's move to intensive care after his coronavirus symptoms worsened leads all of Tuesday's front pages, including the i which reports that Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, now deputising, has not spoken with Mr Johnson since Saturday.
image captionThe Scotsman reports that the prime minister was moved to intensive care at about 19:00 on Monday after his symptoms worsened.
image captionThe move to intensive care was a precaution, reports The Daily Express, in case the Tory leader needs a ventilator to assist his breathing.
image captionThe National reports that Mr Johnson - who has had coronavirus for 10 days - was admitted to intensive care after his symptoms worsened.
image captionThe Daily Record reports that Mr Johnson is being cared for at St Thomas' Hospital in London after being admitted there on Sunday.
image captionThe Herald says Mr Johnson was understood to have still been conscious when he was admitted to the intensive care unit.
image captionThe Sun carries comments from one of Mr Johnson's Conservative colleagues, Iain Duncan Smith, who says he is "deeply saddened it should come to this". "Lets hope and pray. This doesn't mean that he isn't going to pull through," the paper reports Mr Duncan Smith saying.
image captionThe Times reports it has been told by a doctor at the London hospital where Mr Johnson is being treated that the prime minister needed four litres of oxygen - below the usual threshold for intensive care.
image captionThe Courier also leads with the prime minister's health and reports that Mr Johnson was initially taken to hospital for routine tests. The 55-year-old's symptoms included a high temperature and a cough.
image captionThe Press and Journal also focuses on Mr Johnson's worsening symptoms, and highlights Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab being asked to deputise "where necessary" for the prime minister.
image captionThe Daily Star carries news of Mr Johnson's move to intensive care, but also notes the death of former James Bond actress Honor Blackman at the age of 94.

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