Scotland's papers: CMO quits and Johnson in hospital

image captionThe resignation of Dr Catherine Calderwood for making two trips to her second home during the coronavirus lockdown dominates the front pages. The Daily Record leads with the story, pointing out that the senior Scottish government official had initially planned to continue in the role before quitting late on Sunday evening.
image captionElsewhere the other late-breaking news was that Boris Johnson has been taken to hospital after being diagnosed with coronavirus 10 days ago. The Times reports that the prime minister was admitted to hospital on the advice of his doctor.
image captionThe Scottish Daily Mail has both stories but leads with the resignation of Dr Calderwood. The paper points out that she was backed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who said Dr Calderwood had made a mistake but should stay in her job, before eventually resigning.
image captionThe Herald also leads with the resignation, reporting that Dr Calderwood resigned after a second conversation with Ms Sturgeon where she said the pair had agreed that the "justifiable focus" on her actions risked distracting from the pandemic response.
image captionThe early editions of a number of papers did not catch Dr Calderwood's resignation but The Scotsman was one which still splashed on the issue, highlighting how the chief medical officer had visited her second home, twice, despite fronting TV and radio adverts urging the public to stay at home to save lives and protect the NHS.
image captionThe i focuses on the sanctions issued to Dr Calderwood before her resignation, namely that she would not be be attending any more briefings "for the foreseeable future" and would no longer be the face of the coronavirus public information campaign.
image captionThe first edition of The Courier, Dr Calderwood's local paper when she is at her Fife home, focuses on the chief medical officer's apology for not following her own advice on the coronavirus lockdown.
image captionElsewhere, The Daily Express reports on the prime minister's admission to hospital with experts warning there is a risk of pneumonia following a coronavirus infection when a temperature lasts more than a week.
image captionThe Daily Star also features the news Mr Johnson - who has issued a number of video updates since getting coronavirus - is in hospital for further tests.
image captionAway from the coronavirus pandemic, the pro-independence National newspaper focuses on the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath on its front page.

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