The papers: Salmond accusers speak out and coronavirus 'crackdown'

image captionThe fall-out from the trial of former first minister Alex Salmond features on several of the front pages. The nine women who accused Mr Salmond of sex offences say they have been left "devastated" after he was acquitted of all charges. The Times goes a step further with claims that Mr Salmond's own QC made derogatory remarks about him before the end of the trial.
image captionThe Scottish Sun also features Mr Salmond's accusers, but it leads with police vowing to crack down on yobs who deliberately cough on people during the coronavirus outbreak. One incident involving a healthcare worker in Aberdeenshire is being treated as assault.
image captionThe Sunday Post highlights the mounting pressure on Scotland's NHS24 helpline, which it says is "under siege" from callers. More than 4,500 people dialled 111 before noon yesterday to ask for coronavirus advice.
image captionThe Sunday Mail reports the Covid-19 death toll across the UK has hit 1,000, which it describes as a "milestone of misery". It also features the "furious attack" by Alex Salmond's female accusers.
image captionThe Herald on Sunday says the UK's foreign secretary has been accused of a "lack of political will and incompetence" over Scots stranded abroad during the coronavirus crisis. Two SNP MPs criticised Dominic Raab after receiving "hundreds of emails and calls" from constituents who cannot get home.
image captionScotland on Sunday gives an update on the number of coronavirus-related deaths in Scotland rising by seven to 40. It also reports on Scottish Secretary Alister Jack self-isolating after developing "minor symptoms".
image captionThe Sunday National says Boris Johnson's government has been urged to provide "full transparency" over why it failed to participate in EU-wide efforts to source vital ventilators for coronavirus patients.
image captionThe Sunday Express leads with a warning from the prime minister that the coronavirus outbreak is likely to worsen and he is prepared to tighten the UK's lockdown if necessary.
image captionThe Mail on Sunday reports that ministers and senior Downing Street officials are "furious" at how China has handled the outbreak and say the country risks becoming a "pariah state". They believe China has run a "campaign of misinformation" and attempted to exploit the pandemic for economic gain, according to the paper.

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