The papers: Charles virus test 'fury' and volunteer 'army'

image copyrightScotsman
image captionThe news that Prince Charles has tested positive for Covid-19 along with the deaths of a Scottish diplomat and a 21-year-old with no underlying health conditions make the front page of the Scotsman. The paper quotes the aunt of the young victim saying the true impact of the outbreak is only just unfolding before our eyes.
image copyrightSun
image captionThe Scottish Sun says at least one MSP reacted with "fury" to the news that the heir to the throne had been offered a test despite showing only "mild symptoms". Clarence House has said the prince met NHS criteria for testing.
image copyrightNAtional
image captionThe National also reports criticism of the prince, asking why he travelled to the Highlands when members of the public have been asked to stay away.
image copyrightDaily Express
image captionThe controversy makes the front page of the Daily Express, which also pictures the Queen on the phone to Prime Minister Boris Johnson for her weekly "meeting".
image copyrightDaily Star
image captionThe Daily Star says NHS workers were angered to learn the prince had been tested when frontline medics were struggling to "get their hands on a test".
image copyrightDaily Record
image captionThe Daily Record reports on concerns that some employers are forcing their staff to risk their lives by turning up to work, despite the advice to stay at home
image copyrightDaily Mail
image captionThe huge volunteer "army" which has answered the call to help the NHS and other vital services makes the front page of the Scottish Daily Mail. The paper says the Scottish government is being urged to co-ordinate the volunteers, directing them to areas where help is most needed.
image copyrightCourier
image captionThe Courier has a warning from a leading medic that Scotland is braced for a coronavirus "tsunami". Dr David Chung says were are currently in the "calm before the storm".
image copyrightEdinburgh Evening News
image captionPictures of boarded-up bars and restaurants make the front page of the Edinburgh Evening News as the capital "shuts up shop"
image copyrightGlasgow evening times
image captionEssential council services are at risk, reports the Glasgow Evening Times which says there is a shortage of staff and protective equipment. Despite the crisis, the paper says people are still gathering in parks.
image copyrightThe Herald
image captionThe Herald focuses on the economic impact of the crisis, saying the Scottish economy may take years to recover, with analysts saying rural communities are particularly exposed.
image copyrightTimes
image captionOn a more positive note, the Times reports that mass testing may soon be available in the form of a finger prick test which will be available from Boots or Amazon. The paper says that if the tests prove accurate, it could help get people back to work quicker.
image copyrightInewspaper
image captionHelp for the self-employed is on the way, according to the i newspaper, which looks forward to the Chancellor's announcement later on Thursday of more economic support

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