The papers: Alex Salmond cleared and Scotland in 'lockdown'

image captionTwo stories dominate Scotland's papers on Tuesday - Alex Salmond being acquitted of sexual assault charges and the Covid-19 "lockdown". The Daily Record lists the 12 not guilty verdicts and one of not proven which were returned by a jury at the end of the former first minister's trial. It leads with news of the latest measures introduced in the fight against coronavirus, including people being told to stay at home whenever possible and to only shop for basic essentials.
image captionThe Herald says Alex Salmond is preparing a "fightback" after being cleared of assaulting nine women. The former first minister has vowed that evidence of a plot to discredit him "will see the light of day".
image captionThe Times reports on Prime Minister Boris Johnson declaring a "moment of national emergency" as he imposed a "near full lockdown of Britain" to protect against the threat of coronavirus. The paper also features a picture of Mr Salmond on the steps of the High Court in Edinburgh after the not guilty verdicts were announced.
image captionThe Daily Express leads with the Alex Salmond verdict, and says allies of the former SNP leader have called for resignations as "bitter rivalries plunge the party into civil war".
image captionThe Scotsman says the new government measures are "unprecedented", with plans for fines to be handed out to anyone leaves their home for reasons other than to go to work, buy food and medicine, or to exercise.
image caption"Historic", "bombshell", "astonishing" and "unprecedented" are among the ways the Daily Mail describes the prime minister's new measures. The paper says the measures will probably be enforced for "far longer" than the initial three-week period outlined by the PM.
image captionThe National reports on Alex Salmond saying the not guilty verdicts proved his faith in the Scottish justice system. Throughout his trial, Mr Salmond had denied the alleged incidents took place and said any contact with the women had been consensual.
image captionThe Daily Telegraph says Boris Johnson's national address marks the "end of freedom". It says his "sombre" televised announcement was a shock but came after scientific advisers told him the NHS would collapse unless tougher measures were brought in immediately.

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