Alex Salmond trial jury resumes deliberations

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alex salmondImage source, PA Media

The jury in the trial of former Scottish first minister Alex Salmond has resumed its deliberations for a second day.

The jury retired shortly before 14:00 on Friday after hearing two weeks of evidence.

They were sent home for the weekend about two hours later.

When the court reconvened on Monday morning, judge Lady Dorrian said that two members of the jury had been discharged.

The jury will therefore continue its deliberations with only 13 members rather than 15.

Mr Salmond denies carrying out a string of sexual assaults against nine women over a six-year period while he was in office.

The former SNP leader says he is innocent of all of the allegations against him, which include one charge of attempted rape, one of sexual assault with intent to rape, nine sexual assaults and two indecent assaults.

He has already been acquitted of a further sexual assault charge against a 10th woman after the Crown dropped the allegation during the trial.

The jury can reach one of three verdicts - guilty, not guilty or not proven - for each of the charges.

Despite the reduction in the number of jurors for 15 to 13, it will still require at least eight of them to be in agreement for a verdict to be reached.

What did the trial hear?