Scotland's papers: PM's lockdown threat and Sturgeon's camper warning

image captionMost of the papers focus on the prime minister's warning that the UK could be placed under a tough new lockdown within days if Britons do not take seriously measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The Herald says we face an "Italy-style" lockdown as the virus continues its "remorseless rise".
image captionThe Daily Express focuses on the Scottish government's plan to write to 200,000 of "its most vulnerable citizens" telling them to self-isolate for 12 weeks.
image captionThe Scotsman leads with the same line, adding that Nicola Sturgeon has vowed the sick and elderly will be offered support with basic supplies, while calling for strict adherence to the new health guidelines.
image captionThe UK would be following the example of countries like France, Italy and Spain, by enforcing stricter measures to prevent the spread of the virus, reports the Daily Telegraph. There, police have restricted people's movements, curfews have been imposed, parks have been closed, and all stores, except food shops and pharmacies, have been shut.
image captionThe Daily Record has a stark "Go home" warning the campers who are fleeing to rural Scotland from busy towns and cities in a bid to escape the coronavirus. The papers says First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has warned travellers from English and Scottish cities are risking lives by looking for isolation in the Highlands.
image captionThe Daily Mail reports that Boris Johnson's remarks about a lockdown came as thousands of people flouted government advice to stay indoors as much as possible by visiting beaches, parks and beauty spots.
image captionThe i also leads on the PM's warning of a potential lockdown. It notes the government's announcement that plans have been draw up to shield the most vulnerable people in the country from the virus.
image captionThe Courier leads with "a new phase in the fight against coronavirus". The paper says drive-through assessment centres for people needing urgent medical treatment are being rolled out across Tayside and Fife.
image captionThe National leads with the Scottish government warning that up to 200,000 people with extreme health vulnerabilities face three months of "strict" isolation. It says official figures yesterday revealed the number of deaths has risen from seven to 10 and 416 people have tested positive for Covid-19, an increase of 43 from Saturday. UK deaths reached 281, including a person aged 18 with an underlying health condition.
image captionAnd finally, the Daily Star reports that the closure of pubs, bars and restaurants has resulted in Britons drinking with their friends in "virtual pubs". "Now we're off our facetime" is the paper's take on the new trend.

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