Scotland's papers: 'Confusion' over coronavirus advice and school shutdown

image captionThe Herald says the UK and Scottish governments are divided on whether the over-70s should self-isolate for four months. The UK announced on Sunday that the measure would be coming soon, but the Scottish Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said they would ask the elderly to "reduce social contact" instead.
image captionThe Scotsman leads with the over-70s story, reporting that Scotland's national clinical director, Jason Leitch, tweeted there should be "no bingo or pubs", but contact with family and neighbours could continue.
image captionThe Daily Telegraph says there is "growing confusion" among pensioners in Scotland. The paper also reports on a "mounting tension" between Westminster and Holyrood about the best way to tackle the coronavirus crisis.
image captionThe National also leads with the UK-Scotland split over advice to the over-70s. The paper reports that Ms Freeman has said that the Scottish government does not want the elderly stuck in their homes for several months with no contact.
image captionThe Press and Journal reports on the difference in policy between the UK and Scottish governments on the over-70s as well, noting that the Highlands recorded its first two coronavirus cases over the weekend.
image caption"No bingo or pubs" is the headline in the Glasgow Evening Times, as the paper reports on the measures being brought in to protect the elderly from coronavirus
image captionThe i reports that the UK government is planning to ask the over-70s to self-isolate for four months.
image captionThe Scottish Daily Mail urges Britain to "pull together for our elderly". The paper also reports that the "unflappable" Queen will remain in London despite the virus outbreak.
image captionThe Scottish Sun reports that schools could be closed for the entire summer term to limit the spread of coronavirus.
image captionThe Daily Record pictures a set of empty supermarket shelves on its front page, saying that shoppers are being urged top stop panic buying.
image captionThe Times says that banks across the world are acting to save economies from the pandemic, with the US central bank slashing interest rates to almost zero.
image captionThe Daily Express reports on a "leaked NHS alert", which says that eight million Britons could end up in hospital after becoming infected with Covid-19. The paper also mentions the division over the plan for the over-70s.
image captionThe Daily Star says that finding a toilet roll is harder than a "spot the ball" competition as shoppers continue panic buying.
image captionThe Courier says NHS Tayside is facing its "biggest challenge" as an expert warns that 7,000 people in the regional could be infected by coronavirus.

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