Scotland's papers: 'Outcast' Prince Andrew stands down from public duties

image captionThe announcement that Prince Andrew is stepping back from public life over his links with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein dominates Thursday's front pages. The Times quotes royal biographer Robert Lacey as saying: "Nobody will imagine that [the Duke of York] has done this of his own free will." The paper reports that he will step back from more than 200 charity patronages "temporarily" and will still be seen on the Buckingham Palace balcony at events such as Trooping the Colour.
image captionThe Queen was "let down" by her son, The Sun reports. The paper also focuses on Prince Andrew's pledge to assist with legal investigations. Also on the front page, The Sun features Scotland's Health Secretary Jeane Freeman admitting a Glasgow hospital's dirty water scandal may have affected 150 child cancer patients.
image captionThe Express says the monarchy has been "badly damaged" by Prince Andrew's association with Epstein, and that the Queen is "saving" it from "further damage" by advising him to step down from public duties.
image captionThe Daily Mail labels Prince Andrew an "outcast" and claims the Queen and the Prince of Wales made the "dramatic intervention" together after "lengthy discussions" while Charles was in New Zealand.
image captionThe Scotsman says the Duke of York has retreated from public life for the "foreseeable future" following a "storm of public outrage". The paper quotes royal author Penny Junor branding the move "absolutely unprecedented but inevitable", adding it has probably averted a crisis.
image captionThe Herald speaks to a Scottish barrister who has warned the prince would face possible arrest if he flew to America to help the police investigation into Epstein. Baroness Helena Kennedy QC said the prince and his advisers would be unwise to listen to calls for him to volunteer to be quizzed by the FBI.
image captionThe i newspaper brands the ordeal a "crisis at the palace". The Queen wanted to "shut down outcry", it reports. It adds that Buckingham Palace declined to comment on whether Prince Andrew will keep his private allowance.
image captionThe Daily Record also covers the Prince Andrew controversy, but leads with Health Secretary Jeane Freeman saying there was "no excuse" for the way the family of a 10-year-old girl was treated after she died at the infection-hit Glasgow QEU hospital. Ms Freeman also said it was a "reasonable position" to blame dirty water for a series of infection cases at the super-hospital after NHS bosses said there was no way of being sure.
image captionThe National says Nicola Sturgeon has insisted no deal has been done between the SNP and Jeremy Corbyn to put Labour into power after the 12 December general election. The first minister said the recent talks she has had with Labour have been solely about Brexit.
image captionThe Courier's Angus and Dundee edition says the former principal of Dundee University - who quit after just 11 months - left with six months' salary in lieu of notice. Prof Andrew Atherton walked away with £360,000, which included leave entitlement and £26,000 in pensions contributions.
image captionThe Daily Star's festive front accuses "killjoys" and "barmy business bosses" of wanting to "do away with" Christmas crackers and wrapping paper because of the waste.

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