Scotland's papers: Boy's hospital death investigation and Army 'cover up'

image copyrightThe Scottish Mail on Sunday
image captionThe death of a three-year-old boy at a Glasgow hospital in 2017 is being investigated by police, The Scottish Mail on Sunday reveals on its front page. The child was being treated for a rare genetic disease on a ward which was later closed because of fears of water contamination, the paper claims.
image copyrightThe Sunday Times
image captionThe Sunday Times's top story is on a year-long investigation, carried out with the BBC's Panorama, which found military commanders have been accused of covering up evidence of SAS and Black Watch soldiers' involvement in war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Ministry of Defence said extensive investigations into allegations were carried out, and no decision had been taken to prosecute any of the cases.
image copyrightThe Herald
image captionThe Herald reports that former Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson has been signed up to appear on ITV's general election night coverage for an "unprecedented" sum of money. It is highly unusual for a serving elected member to be paid at all for such a stint, the paper notes.
image copyrightSunday National
image captionWith 25 days to go until the general election, The Sunday National leads with a message from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon urging voters to support the SNP to "escape Brexit" and enjoy a "better future as an independent country".
image copyrightScotland on Sunday
image captionLiberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson's battle to regain her East Dunbartonshire seat is Scotland on Sunday's cover story. It follows the "next PM" around the constituency as she convinces voters to return her to Westminster for a fourth time, having lost her seat to the SNP once in 2015.
image copyrightScottish Sunday Express
image captionThe Scottish Sunday Express carries a picture of Prince Andrew on its front page, alongside the main points from his BBC interview, which it calls "amazing". But its main story is Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's nationalisation plans, which the paper claims could pose a risk to millions of private pensions.
image copyrightThe Scottish Sun on Sunday
image captionPrince Andrew also features on the front page of The Scottish Sun on Sunday. It highlights the Duke of York's denial that he had slept with a teenager, and his claim to have been at a party at Pizza Express.