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Scotland's papers: Tories' £1.2 trillion Labour spending claim

image captionThe Sunday Times leads with claims from the Tories that Labour's spending plans will cost the UK £1.2 trillion over five years. The paper claims the analysis, which was overseen by Chancellor Sajid Javid, says Labour has committed to spending an extra £650m a day. Mr Javid says the figure threatens to bankrupt the UK. However, the estimate was compiled by the Conservative Party, not civil servants.
image captionThe same story leads the Scottish Mail on Sunday, which warns that the Conservative dossier assumes that all Labour policies passed by the party's conference are firm commitments. It says Labour senior officials are due to meet next weekend to decide on manifesto policies. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has called the estimate "an incompetent mish-mash of debunked estimates and bad maths".
image captionAn exclusive in the Scottish Sunday Express claims Nigel Farage has given Boris Johnson a "final ultimatum" over a Brexit pact for the 12 December election. In the report, Mr Farage warns the "clock is ticking" to secure a Leave alliance aimed at defeating Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party.
image captionThe Sunday National's top story claims BBC presenter Andrew Neil has been condemned for retweeting a "doctored" video about the SNP's Ian Blackford. The paper claims the video - originally posted elsewhere - was heavily edited to make it look as if a flustered, stuttering Mr Blackford had no answers to questions from BBC presenter Nick Robinson's questions. It has now been deleted.
image captionThe Sunday Post leads on a news special which claims that rape victims are being forced to continue paying for mobile phones which have been seized by police as part of their assault investigations. Support charities are accusing phone operators of making "deeply unethical" profits.
image captionThe Scottish Sun on Sunday reveals a letter written to Rangers fans by former player Fernando Ricksen just weeks before he died from MND. The 44-year-old hailed his "amazing" supporters in the foreword for a book on the club's greatest moments.
image captionA young boy was "battered" at a kids' club in a luxury hotel in Turkey, claims the Sunday Mail. The paper says six older boys subjected five-year-old Harley Irvine to an attack which left him bruised and traumatised. The paper says security CCTV footage showed the incident.
image captionAnd the Herald on Sunday tells the story of the evacuation of the Glasgow School of Art on the anniversary of the blaze which destroyed the building, after a fire-dancing act at a graduation party went wrong. Hundreds of people attending the party in The Art School student union watched a woman suspended herself from ropes, dance and strip in front of a carpet of naked flame. But the paper claims there is "fury" over the "crass" and "tasteless" show, which took place exactly a year after the school's second fire, and which saw emergency services rush to the School of Art's Reid building.