Scotland's papers: Missing Scot's hand 'found inside shark'

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A Scottish tourist is believed to have been eaten by a shark off the island of Reunion after forensic scientists found his hand inside its stomach, reports the Scottish Sun. Scientists found the holidaymaker's left hand as they carried out autopsies on fish caught around the waters of the French overseas territory. The paper says the 44-year-old man, who was reported missing by his wife at the weekend, was identified by his wedding ring.
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The i leads with the resignation of Labour deputy leader Tom Watson and assesses what the shock announcement might mean for the party, saying it "reignites" the battle for its soul. Sources tell the paper that centrist Labour MPs have been left "stunned and furious in equal measure". The paper adds that it will also be "hugely welcome news" for Boris Johnson, whose "own election campaign has got off to a difficult start".
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The Herald also leads with Mr Watson's resignation, which it describes as a "bombshell". The outgoing deputy, who also confirmed he would not stand for re-election as an MP, stressed his decision was "personal not political".
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"Deputy leader Watson rocks Labour with shock exit" is the headline in The Scotsman. The paper describes his announcement as a "major blow to moderates" who had fought the party leadership over its position on Brexit and allegations of anti-Semitism.
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The Times reports Mr Watson has been "increasingly isolated" since the 2017 election which "tightened" Mr Corbyn's influence on Labour. It says some anti-Corbyn Labour MPs who had trusted Mr Watson to "wrench the party back from left-wing control" will be frustrated and angry by the news.
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The Daily Telegraph says Mr Watson's departure from Parliament is unexpected and calls him the "most high-profile casualty" of Labour's "civil war over Brexit and anti-Semitism". The paper says there were reports on Wednesday night that more resignations of moderate Labour MPs could follow. The paper quotes a friend of Mr Watson as saying he had become increasingly disillusioned with Mr Corbyn's refusal to officially back Remain.
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The National leads with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's pledge to hold a Scottish independence referendum next year if the SNP win a majority of seats in next month's general election.
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The Scottish Daily Mail reports that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will pledge to never abandon "our incredible union" to Labour and the SNP. The Conservative leader will make his pledge during his first campaign visit to Scotland ahead of the 12 December poll.
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The Scottish Daily Express also leads with Mr Johnson's election campaign launch alongside a picture of Mr Johnson's "Churchillian" hand gesture. The paper focuses on Mr Johnson's claim that a Labour government would be a "horror show". He called on the public to "come with us and get Brexit done."
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Under the headline "Bloodbath" the Daily Record leads with a "horrendous and horrific" knife attack on a Greenock couple. The paper reports the victims, a 52-year-old man and 37-year-old woman, are in a critical condition.
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The Fife edition of The Courier leads with the story of a police officer who "butted a door" to give himself a black eye then tried to tell colleagues his estranged wife had assaulted him.
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The Press and Journal leads with the story of a mechanical engineer who has admitted sending threatening emails to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. The paper reports that William Dall, 44, said the politician should "take a bullet" over her stance on independence.
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Under the headline "Breaking point", the Edinburgh Evening News reports that the emergency department of the city's Royal Infirmary is 50% over capacity. The paper is also calling for a street to be named after the late charity campaigner Tom Gilzean, who died on Tuesday aged 99.
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The Daily Star looks ahead to this year's battle for the Christmas number one, reporting that football pundit Chris Kamara is releasing a debut single. It will go up against the late George Michael's new release. "Unbelievable Jeff" is the paper's headline, in a reference to Kamara's Soccer Saturday catchphrase on Sky Sports.

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