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Scotland's papers: SNP legal threat over TV debate 'snub'

image copyrightThe Scotsman
image captionFirst Minister Nicola Sturgeon has warned the SNP may take legal action against Sky News if the broadcaster excludes her from a leaders' TV debate, reports The Scotsman. The event on 28 November is scheduled to feature Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Labour's Jeremy Corbyn and Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson.
image copyrightThe National
image captionThe National also leads with the fall-out from the Sky debate, which the SNP has described as a "democratic outrage". The party has argued that it should feature in the event as it has the third largest number of MPs after the Conservatives and Labour.
image copyrightEdinburgh Evening News
image captionThe Edinburgh Evening News devotes its front page to war veteran and charity fundraiser Tom Gilzean, who has died at the age of 99. The paper urges its readers to "Wear a poppy and think of Tom."
image copyrightDaily Record
image captionThe Daily Record accuses Jo Swinson of launching a "hypocritical election bid". The paper reports the Liberal Democrat leader believes she can "axe Brexit" without a referendum but won't grant Scotland a fresh independence vote.
image copyrightScottish Daily Mail
image captionThe Scottish Daily Mail reports Jeremy Corbyn will "dance to the SNP tune" in his bid to become prime minister. The paper highlights Nicola Sturgeon has refused to rule out a "confidence and supply" agreement with Labour in a bid to secure a second independence referendum before 2021.
image copyrightScottish Daily Express
image captionThe Scottish Daily Express covers the same story and describes an alliance between Ms Sturgeon and Mr Corbyn as a "DUP-style deal". The paper also covers the death of Tom Gilzean, who raised £1m for charity.
image copyrightThe Herald
image captionThe Herald leads with a report that Boris Johnson is determined to save Conservative seats from an "SNP rout" in next month's election. The paper also reports stolen works of Glasgow abstract art, worth £600,000, have been recovered by US police.
image copyrightThe Times
image captionThe Times' lead story is on a report from the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee which says China's government has attempted to curb criticism of its regime at British universities by trying to limit academic freedom. The MPs say they found "alarming" evidence of Chinese interference - including a pro-vice-chancellor at one university who cancelled a speaker after being contacted by the Chinese embassy.
image copyrightDaily Telegraph
image captionThe front page of the Daily Telegraph is dedicated to the Conservative Party, which is "exclusively" launching its election campaign in the paper. The paper displays a long quote from Boris Johnson, comparing opponent Jeremy Corbyn to dictator Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and claiming the Labour leader has a "hatred" of wealth creators.
image copyrightThe i
image captionThe i newspaper reports that Jacob Rees-Mogg is going to be "sidelined" after his comments about the Grenfell fire victims to "limit the potential for more blunders". The paper says Downing Street has been "uncomfortable" with his high media profile in recent months.
image copyrightScottish Sun
image captionThe Scottish Sun leads with an exclusive that the boss of a "scandal hit" prison has secured a secondment to a jail in England. Under the headline "God save fur Queen" the paper also reports the monarch has banned the use of fur on all her new outfits.
image copyrightThe Courier
image captionThe Angus & Dundee edition of The Courier reports a "gamechanging" £60m investment is set to be unveiled which will transform the site of the "doomed" Michelin factory in Dundee.
image copyrightDaily Star
image captionThe Daily Star features an interview with a Scot who is travelling to Asia to fight in a "brutal form of kickboxing". Tony "The Tiger" Lafferty told the paper bareknuckle bouts in the UK are "too soft".