Scotland's papers: Home smear tests and pilot 'sullied'

image copyrightDaily Record
image captionThe Daily Record reports NHS smear tests could be replaced by a home urine sample kit which in trials has been 100 % accurate in detecting invasive cervical cancer. The paper also carries a warning from Celtic to its supporters travelling to Rome this week for the club's Europa League clash with Lazio.
image copyrightScottish Daily Mail
image captionThe Scottish Daily Mail also reports on the possible new alternative to traditional smear tests for women which has been developed at Queen Mary University of London. The scientists behind it hope the DIY test could become routine within five years.
image copyrightThe Scotsman
image captionThe Scotsman leads with a statement by the fiancée of Captain David Traill, the pilot of the Police Scotland helicopter which crashed into the roof of The Clutha pub on 29 November, 2013. Dr Lucy Thomas said his name has been "sullied" by the findings of a Fatal Accident Inquiry which ruled he "took a chance" on the night of the tragedy, which claimed 10 lives.
image copyrightThe Times
image captionThe Times' lead story is on think-tank the Centre for Policy Studies, which analysed Labour's pledge to cut the average UK working week to 32 hours, or four days, within 10 years of a Labour government. According to the analysis, reducing hours in this way would cost taxpayers £17bn, because of the projected rise in the public sector wage bill.
image copyrightThe National
image captionThe National focuses on a "snub" by Sky News to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. The paper's headline describes the broadcaster's failure to invite Ms Sturgeon to take part in a leaders' debate as "outrageous". It also says the BBC is being urged to explain "basic errors" in its weekend news coverage.
image copyrightScottish Daily Express
image captionThe Scottish Daily Express leads on comments by Boris Johnson who has asked Jeremy Corbyn to clarify Labour's position on Brexit. The PM has written a letter to Mr Corbyn, saying voters "deserve to have a clear picture" of each party's Brexit plan. Labour has previously said its plan is to renegotiate Mr Johnson's Brexit deal and put it to another referendum.
image copyrightThe Herald
image captionThe Herald reports Mr Corbyn is set to accuse the prime minister of "hijacking Brexit and selling out the NHS". The paper reveals he will describe the Conservative leader's policies as "Thatcherism on steroids". It also features a picture of new Commons speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle after MPs voted for him to replace John Bercow.
image copyrightDaily Telegraph
image captionThe Daily Telegraph reports on how the ongoing dispute between postal workers and the Royal Mail could affect the election. The Communication Workers Union has said the planned strike action over job security and employment terms and conditions "would, of course, mean refusing to deliver postal votes and campaign leaflets". Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom suggests the industrial action was timed to boost Labour's chances but the CWU denies this.
image copyrightThe i
image captionThe i newspaper reports scientists have been brought "fresh hope of finding a cure" to Alzheimer's disease. The paper tells the story of a woman from Colombia who has a rare genetic mutation which causes early onset Alzheimer's disease - but her symptoms were kept at bay for three decades. Researchers think it could be due to another rare gene found in her body and, if that is true, it has the potential to be used in the development of a treatment.
image copyrightScottish Sun
image captionThe Scottish Sun focuses a Twitter video which shows a man - whom the paper dubs a "bonfire idiot" - launching a firework from his bottom. The dangerous stunt been strongly condemned by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.
image copyrightThe Courier
image captionThe Fife edition of the Courier reports detectives are investigating the "unexplained" death of a 97-year-old woman in the village of Kinglassie.
image copyrightEdinburgh Evening News
image captionThe Edinburgh Evening News tells how a six-year-old boy has joined his father in handing out hot drinks to homeless people in the city centre after he posed the question: "Why are people always sitting on the ground?"
image copyrightPress and Journal
image captionThe Press and Journal leads with a former Aberdeen restaurant owner who mounted a pavement and struck a 78-year-old woman with his car as she left church. The paper reports the incident, which left the victim with broken bones, followed a "disastrous attempt" to overtake another vehicle.
image copyrightDaily Star
image captionThe Daily Star reports that TV producers in Germany "drafted in a crack team" of 50 British comedy writers and actors to help create a prime-time show because they were unable to come up with a "funny formula" themselves.

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