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Scotland's papers: Racism in schools and 'election of a lifetime'

image captionThe Herald leads with the personal stories of five young women who tell of their experience of racism within Scotland's schools. "The colour of our skin brings us trouble", they say, as a new report looks into how widespread discrimination is across Scotland.
image captionScotland on Sunday devotes its front page to a picture of Nicola Sturgeon addressing a rally of Scottish independence supporters in Glasgow. The first minister told the crowd that the general election on 12 December will be "the most important election for Scotland in our lifetimes".
image captionThe prime minister has told the Sunday Express that an election victory for the Tories could lead to Brexit being wrapped up in days. Referring to his Brexit deal, Boris Johnson tells the paper: "You could put it in Gas Mark 4, 20 minutes and Bob's your uncle."
image captionThe Sunday National hails what it calls People Power in its coverage of the paper's indyref2020 rally in Glasgow's George Square. It says Nicola Sturgeon vowed to deliver a second independence referendum next year and deliver a vote which would "save Scotland".
image captionThe Sunday Post leads with a special report into pregnant Scots women missing out on a £60 blood test for pre-eclampsia. The "simple but crucial" test has been introduced in England and now leading doctors are urging NHS Scotland to follow suit.
image captionThe Scottish Mail on Sunday reports on claims that Scottish Tory MP Ross Thomson sexually assaulted a Scottish Labour MP in a Commons bar. Mr Thomson strenuously denies the allegations.
image captionThe Sunday Mail says police have identified more than 300 suspects from one housing estate linked to a "violent gang turf war" in Glasgow. The intelligence comes after officers launched Operation Bluefield in 2017 as part of a crackdown on the Lyons and Daniel families.
image captionThe Scottish Sun on Sunday claims in a showbiz exclusive that the former girlfriend who inspired Lewis Capaldi's No1 hit Someone You Loved is a former Britain's Got Talent contestant. The paper says 23-year-old Capaldi fell for fellow singer Paige Turley while they were both students in Motherwell.