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Scotland's papers: Ross Thomson quits and Indyref2 showdown

image captionRoss Thomons's announcement that he won't stand in the upcoming general election after being accused of sexually assaulting a fellow MP in a Commons bar is the lead for many of the papers. Scottish Conservative MP Ross Thomson was reported to Westminster's standards watchdog by Labour MP Paul Sweeney following the alleged incident last October. Mr Thomson denies the allegations.
image captionThe Scottish Sun's front page also covers the allegations against Mr Thomson, the Conservative MP for Aberdeen South. He said it was a "political smear" and vowed to "fight to clear [his] name". He said he would see the investigation by parliamentary officials through to a conclusion.
image captionAccording to the Scottish Daily Mail, Mr Sweeney was "shocked and mortified" by the incident, which allegedly happened in Strangers' Bar at Westminster. Mr Sweeney, the Labour MP for Glasgow North East, said the alleged incident took place in October 2018 after he had invited a group of his old Glasgow University friends for a tour of the Commons.
image captionThe Scotsman quotes Mr Thomson's resignation statement, which said "politics is now so poisonous that we will never attract good, honest and decent people in the first place". The statement added that the allegations against him were "baseless" and that standing down was "without doubt the hardest decision of [his] life".
image captionThe Herald reports Mr Thomson's resignation statement too. He says his life has been made a "living hell" by a number of "anonymous and malicious allegations". Mr Thomson was publicly accused of groping a man in the same Commons bar in a separate incident in February which he also denies.
image captionThe Scottish Daily Express reports that Boris Johnson has ruled out granting permission for a second vote on Scottish independence while he is prime minister. The prime minister made the comments on Sky News on Sunday. He claimed the issue had been settled in a "once-in-a-generation" vote in 2014.
image captionThe i's front page says the parties are "draw[ing] up battle lines on indyref2". Nicola Sturgeon has already said she will request a Section 30 order - which grants permission for a new referendum from the UK government - within days of the 12 December general election.
image captionThe National reports that the first minister has called on the media to "challenge" the Conservatives on their position on a second independence referendum. Ms Sturgeon questioned on Sunday whether the media would scrutinise Mr Johnson's "unsustainable and undemocratic position" to refuse permission.
image caption"Fired on Facebook" is the headline of the Edinburgh Evening News. The paper reports that staff at Gorgie City Farm found out from social media that the urban farm had closed with the loss of 18 jobs.
image captionThe Press and Journal reports that a tree surgeon who had an operation for a broken back was "abandoned" by the NHS. Thomas Troup said he was discharged while in "excruciating pain" and told to make his own way home.
image captionThe Perth and Perthshire edition of The Courier reports that "crazy" drivers drove the wrong way to avoid a fire on the A90 in Tayside on Saturday morning. The drivers' behaviour was called "selfish beyond belief".
image captionFormer Celtic star Ian Wright has been tipped to appear on ITV's I'm a Celebrity, according to the Daily Star.