Scotland's papers: Hospital delay scandal and PM bid to 'stop scrutiny'

Image caption Nicola Sturgeon has been told that "heads should roll" after the opening of a new children's hospital in Edinburgh was delayed for at least another year, reports The Scottish Daily Express. The new building has been beset by concerns over its ventilation system.
Image caption The Herald also leads with the story and says the delay in admitting young patients to the new facility will cost tax payers an extra £16m, prompting calls for a public inquiry into how the situation arose in the first place.
Image caption The reverberations from Wednesday's ruling by three judges at the Court of Session in Edinburgh on the prorogation of parliament continues to make the front pages. The National says the full ruling, which was published on Thursday, is "withering" after the court deemed Boris Johnson's suspension of Westminster "unlawful".
Image caption The Scotsman quotes the prime minister insisting on Thursday that he did not lie to the Queen after the three judges accused him of asking her to suspend Westminster "with the improper purpose of stymying parliament".
Image caption Meanwhile, The Daily Telegraph reports that Cabinet allies have urged Boris Johnson to ask Brussels for an extension to the UK's departure date for leaving the European Union rather than disobey the law. It comes after the prime minister said he would rather be "dead in a ditch".
Image caption The Times leads on what it calls a potential lifeline for Boris Johnson's Brexit deal. The paper says it understands that, for the first time, the DUP would accept Northern Ireland abiding by some EU rules after Brexit. The move could form part of a new deal to replace the Irish backstop, The Times says.
Image caption Five new ships are to be assembled at Babcock's dockyard in Fife, reports the i newspaper, which says the work will secure the site for another decade.
Image caption The Daily Record leads with the conviction of a 22-year-old man for the murder of Mohammed Sammour. The paper quotes Mr Sammour's grieving wife, who said: "everyday is a challenge without him".
Image caption The Scottish Sun leads with the conviction of 22-year-old Thomas Haining from Inverness after he admitted shaking his 23-day-old baby to death. The paper prints a disturbing image of Haining kissing the child in a hospital ward after committing the crime.
Image caption Hundreds of Aberdeenshire residents are fighting plans to create a quarry the size of 12 football pitches a mile from the their home, writes The Press and Journal. The paper quotes residents in Newmachar saying the proposal would "wreak havoc" on their quiet community.
Image caption The Edinburgh Evening News leads with a report into the hospital discharge delays faced by elderly people in need of care packages. The paper says 86 people died in a hospital ward while awaiting a care plan that would have allowed them to go back home.
Image caption Criminals will be forced to pay a "victim charge" to fund compensation and treatment, writes the Scottish Daily Mail, which says the charge will be added to court fines from November, generating £800,000 a year.
Image caption There is set to be "one last blast" of summer this weekend, the Daily Star says. "Balmy" weather is due for the weekend in the south, when the paper reports temperatures could reach 25C.

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