Scotland's papers: 'Operation chaos' for no-deal and Ibiza hotel fall

Image caption Politics takes centre stage on the front pages, with Brexit the main focus. The Sunday Times reveals "Whitehall's secret no-deal plan" in an exclusive about a leaked document which exposes "gaps in contingency planning" as Britain faces "shortages of fuel, food and medicine".
Image caption "Boris takes fight to the EU" announces the Scottish Sunday Express as it claims Boris Johnson is about to tour European capitals to warn EU leaders they have "one last chance" to strike a deal before they risk making a "historic mistake". The paper claims Mr Johnson is "not bluffing".
Image caption Mr Johnson is the subject of the Scottish Mail on Sunday's front page, but this time it is about his looming visit to stay with the Queen at Balmoral. The paper claims an "unprecedented break with protocol" as it reveals the PM's partner Carrie Symonds will be joining him.
Image caption The Sunday Mail front page tries to solve the riddle of a £45m loan of taxpayers' cash to Ferguson Marine. The paper claims the Scottish government has admitted it may never know if any of the money will be clawed back after the shipyard was effectively nationalised.
Image caption An exclusive in the Scottish Sun on Sunday reveals that a Scottish woman is in a coma in Ibiza with "horror brain injuries" after falling from a hotel window missing its glass pane.
Image caption The Sunday Post leads with a story about the Glasgow School of Art. The report claims a fundraising campaign is under scrutiny after the school collected more than £50m from insurers. At least £20m was donated to rebuild the school after a devastating fire in 2014 and politicians, say the paper, are calling for an inquiry to establish what the donations will be used for.
Image caption A dramatic picture of Mossmorran chemical plant covers the front of the Scotland on Sunday. The insight piece explores the idea that the plant is "an environmental crisis on our doorstep" after technical failures led to a prolonged period of unscheduled burning activity last week.
Image caption The Herald on Sunday has a special report on land ownership in Scotland. It looks at the idea of community ownership and whether these buyouts are fit for purpose.
Image caption A pro-independence march in Aberdeen is the lead picture on the Sunday National. Its top story features comment from SNP MP Ian Blackford. He tells the paper the party will "block no-deal Brexit" and then "go for independence". He tells the paper they will work with opposition parties to take control of the Westminster agenda.

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