Scotland's papers: Theresa May 'too late' to save the union?

Image caption Today is the day Theresa May makes her last speech in Scotland as PM. Her final plea to keep the UK together gets a response from Nicola Sturgeon in The Scotsman. The paper reports the first minister's comments saying that Scotland is now on an "inexorable journey towards independence" as a result of Mrs May's time in office.
Image caption The National takes it a step further with their splash "Your legacy as PM will be independence" as it reports senior SNP figures have called Mrs May's efforts "too little too late" to preserve the union.
Image caption The Telegraph reports that Mrs May will urge her successor to fight for the union. The paper claims she will argue that strengthening the UK must be the "first and greatest" responsibility for Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt.
Image caption The Scottish Daily Express front page says the union "must be the priority" for whoever takes the keys to Number 10. The report says both Tory leadership candidates are committed to keeping Scotland in the UK but Boris Johnson is seen as likely to "alienate" Scottish voters.
Image caption After days of Tory-dominated front pages, Labour gets a look-in on the front of The Times, but it's not good news. A poll commissioned by the paper suggests support for the opposition party at "record low" levels. Only 18% of voters say they would vote for the party in a general election.
Image caption Boris Johnson is pulling out all the stops in a leadership "manifesto", according to the Scottish Daily Mail. He is promising 20,000 extra police officers for the UK, with 2,000 of those in Scotland. The paper says he is positioning himself as "a champion of law and order". The paper pictures Mr Johnson's girlfriend Carrie Symonds out and about in London.
Image caption The Herald's lead story claims speeding tourists are turning rural roads into "race tracks". A boom in motoring holidays has seen traffic levels soar on small roads and police say they will deploy "unprecedented" numbers of traffic officers across the north of the country this holiday season.
Image caption Sticking with the subject of speeding, the Edinburgh Evening News warns bikers who are becoming a nuisance in the city that "you are going to die if you don't stop". "Biking yobs" have been tearing up pitches at a city sports centre where 16 arrests were made last summer for similar incidents.
Image caption The Daily Record launches a leader article calling for the decriminalisation of drugs in Scotland. The call follows reports yesterday which said police were losing the war on drugs. Former senior police officers backed a move to treat drug offences as a health issue, not as criminal cases.
Image caption "Fright at the Museum" is the Scottish Sun's front page headline, talking about freed killer Thomas McCulloch who paid "ghoulish" visits to his old jail after it was turned into a museum. The 71-year-old took his girlfriend on a tour at Peterhead prison museum and told staff he didn't need an audio guide as he "knew his way around".
Image caption The P&J's top story is about a Highland League footballer who was able to have career-saving surgery on his knee thanks to a crowdfunding appeal. Deveronvale FC striker Dale Ballard was unable to play or run around after his young daughter following the nasty injury last year. He thanked supporters for paying for the private surgery after he was told he might wait a year for an an NHS operation.
Image caption The Daily Star reports that Father Ted star Brendan Grace is "fighting for life". According to the paper, the Irish actor and comedian, 68, has cancelled an upcoming tour after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

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