Scotland's papers: Boris row dominates coverage of Tory leadership

Image caption For another day, the front pages are dominated by Boris Johnson's reported row with his girlfriend which led to police being called to their address with the i featuring demands that the Tory MP explain the incident.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph focuses on the contents of the weekly column Mr Johnson, writes for the paper which states how he has "renewed his commitment" to leaving the European Union on 31 October, insisting he would not "bottle" Brexit.
Image caption The Scottish Daily Mail says Mr Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds have been "driven out" of their home as their flat was "targeted" by protesters. It reports that the pair have gone "into hiding" after "anarchists" camped outside their home in Camberwell, south London.
Image caption The Tory leadership race also features on the front page of The Scotsman with Mr Johnson's rival, Jeremy Hunt making the case that he would be a strong, pro-Union prime minister.
Image caption The Scottish Daily Express also features Mr Hunt's comments, made during a visit to Scotland, that he puts the future of the Union before Brexit "every time".
Image caption The Times also carries Mr Hunt's comments and puts them in the context of opinion polling which shows 63% of UK Conservative members would "allow" Scotland to become independent if it meant Brexit was delivered.
Image caption The National focuses on another poll which shows the prospect of Boris Johnson as prime minister has bolstered support for Scottish independence.
Image caption The Press and Journal carries quotes from "sources close to Boris Johnson" that the idea of a free port, where taxes and tariffs do not apply, is being considered by the former foreign secretary for the north east of Scotland.
Image caption The Herald leads with the impact of the loss of free to use cash machines with experts warning the country is not prepared for the impact this is having.
Image caption The Angus edition of The Courier leads with the story of some schools in the region using money earmarked for pupils on staff members instead.
Image caption Singer Susan Boyle's desire to become a foster parent when her music career ends is the front page story of The Scottish Sun.
Image caption Adopted singer KT Tunstall discovering her father had two other daughters who also grew up in Fife is the lead story in the Daily Record.
Image caption In other news: "It's a blast of a summer at last" declares the Daily Star. Its lead story says that Britain faces a "weather bomb of hailstorms and torrential rain" before temperatures climb into the 30s later this week.

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