Scotland's papers: fruit picking and immigration concerns

Image caption The Times leads with an opinion poll which suggest 45% Scots think too many people are entering the UK, an increase of six percentage points on when the same question was asked last June. The paper contrasts this finding with what it describes as the SNP's liberal attitude to migration.
Image caption Immigration also features on the front of The Courier where farmers in Fife and Tayside, short of people to pick fruit due to a drop in overseas workers coming to Scotland, are calling for people on benefits to be allowed to do the seasonal work without losing their welfare payments.
Image caption The Scottish Sun leads with the story of a man who has been jailed for four years after biting off the finger of his partner's stepfather, who keeps the detached digit in his freezer.
Image caption The SNP's conference in Edinburgh dominates a number of the front pages with The National leading with Nicola Sturgeon's claim that the Yes side would win a second independence referendum.
Image caption The papers opposed to Scottish independence focus on which currency would be used in the event of a Yes vote with the Express claiming there has been a backlash against the idea of dropping the pound.
Image caption The Telegraph reports on how SNP activists have been urged to get out and promote the party's new policy of replacing the pound with a separate Scottish currency "as soon as practicable" in the event of a Yes vote.
Image caption A two-vehicle crash near Forres in the Highlands which resulted in the death of a woman leads the front page of the Press and Journal.
Image caption "Proof obesity kills" is the headline on the front page of the Scottish Daily Mail. The paper says a "major new report" shows being obese can "raise the risk of dying by 50%". The study included a survey of 2.8 million people in Britain.
Image caption The Daily Record also leads on the obesity study - and says 18.5 million Britons are in the "fat danger zone". Even just "slightly overweight" people face a "surprisingly high" threat of numerous serious health conditions, the paper says.
Image caption The UK is set for another "beach and barbie bank holiday booze-up", according to the Daily Star. The paper's main story says Britain could enjoy temperature's of up to 26C in the first weekend of May.

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