Scotland's papers: Coup to ditch May and 'never free him'

image captionThis Sunday morning, the papers are talking about a "Cabinet coup". The Sunday Times Scotland claims senior ministers are seeking to replace Theresa May with her deputy, David Lidington. The paper says the MPs are agreed the prime minister must announce she is standing down, warning that she has become a "toxic" and "erratic" figure.
image captionThe Scottish Daily Mail also zooms in on the so-called "Cabinet coup" against Mrs May. But it claims Environment Secretary Michael Gove is the preferred caretaker leader. The paper quotes a senior Downing Street source as saying that even Mrs May's chief whip, Julian Smith, has advised her to set out her departure plans.
image captionThe Scottish Sunday Express tells readers the country is "heading towards election disaster" with claims Downing Street fears being forced into calling a general election.
image captionScotland on Sunday also highlights the March with a photo of crowds gathering in Central London. The paper reports on Nicola Sturgeon's speech where she called on MPs in Parliament to seize control of Brexit from a beleaguered Theresa May.
image captionThe Sunday National focuses on Nicola Sturgeon's speech to the estimated 1-million people who turned out in London yesterday to march and call for a people's Brexit vote.
image captionThe "scandal of temporary accommodation" and its extortionate costs is exposed by The Herald on Sunday. The paper reveals that in Glasgow the taxpayer pays £316 a week - that's £1370 a month - for someone to take up temporary homeless accommodation, but that a luxury property in an upmarket area would cost less.
image captionMurderer Aaron Campbell is the subject of the Sunday Mail's lead story. The paper has spoken to leading criminologists who say that the teenager who raped and killed six-year-old Alesha Macphail "must never be freed".
image captionThe ongoing story of hotel worker Julie Pearson is the front page lead in the Sunday Post. The paper reveals an autopsy report on her injuries and says she suffered more than 70 bruises before her death in Israel which police claim was from natural causes.
image captionAnd The Scottish Sun on Sunday runs an exclusive about convicted killer Frazer Neil. A woman who claims to be a victim tells the paper she was "held captive and raped' in the same Edinburgh flat where Neil murdered his ex-girlfriend Hannah Dorans.

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