Scotland's papers: Social media addiction should be 'disease'

image source, The Scotsman
image captionThe Scotsman leads MPs who say more needs to be done to protect children from online content that is potentially damaging to their mental health. It comes after MSPs called for research into links between social media and an increase in young people who suffer mental health problems.
image source, The Times
image captionTheresa May's attempts to win support for her Brexit deal ahead of a possible third vote this week feature on many of the front pages. The Times says the PM's deal is still facing defeat - even though she has won the support of some "staunch Brexiteers".
image source, ipaper
image captionThe i claims that a leading Tory Brexiteer has delivered an ultimatum to the prime minister, warning that the unnamed MP will only support her Brexit deal this week if she sets out plans for her departure from Downing Street.
image source, The Daily Telegraph
image captionFormer Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson features on the front of the Daily Telegraph. In his weekly column for the paper, he calls on Eurosceptic MPs to reject the PM's Brexit deal, saying it would give the EU "an indefinite means of blackmail" against the UK.
image source, Daily Record
image captionAn image of a man who was attacked in his home in Germiston, Glasgow dominates the front page of the Daily Record. The paper reports that Paul McGregor was slashed after allegedly refusing entry to his attackers at about 03:00 on Saturday.
image source, The Herald
image captionThe Herald reports that scientists in Scotland are among a research group who say they have come up with an environmentally friendly farming model which increases the production of food - by altering the diets of milking cows.
image source, The Scottish Sun
image captionThe Scottish Sun reports that the body of a former Love Island star was found in a London park on Saturday.
image source, Daily Star of Scotland
image captionThe Daily Star of Scotland leads with a similar story as Love Island stars criticise the show following the death of Mike Thalassitis.
image source, Scottish Daily Mail
image captionFraudsters in India have been posing as tax officials to steal millions of pounds from British taxpayers, reports the Scottish Daily Mail. It says victims are told they owe tax and face arrest if they do not pay up instantly.
image source, The National
image captionThe National leads with claims from a former senior Scotland office official. Jim Cuthbert said Scotland should seek "compensation" from the UK government over £100bn worth of "misappropriated" oil revenues, reports the paper.
image source, Scottish Daily Express
image captionThe Scottish Daily Express reports that Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd is to announce a shake-up to pensions that could boost retirement incomes by up to 7%. The scheme, it says, is being pioneered by Royal Mail and is expected to be opened up later to millions of other workers.
image source, The Press & Journal
image captionWhile The Press & Journal reports that a snowboarder who got lost in a blizzard in the Cairngorms managed to survive by huddling with his dog until rescue teams arrived. The man called for help himself reporting he was disorientated and exhausted.
image source, The Courier
image captionAnd The Courier leads with a story on parking fines as efforts to close a legal loophole will mean that fines issued in private car parks will eventually be fully enforceable.

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