Scotland's papers: 'You are evil' and SNP benefits 'betrayal'

Image caption The Scottish Sun leads with the headline "You are evil". It reports that Scottish actor John Michie confronted the boyfriend of his daughter, Louella, inside the court building during a break in his manslaughter trial week. Ceon Broughton, 30, was convicted of letting the 24-year-old die after taking drugs at Bestival last year.
Image caption The Daily Record reveals the "sick death fantasy" of Ceon Broughton. An ex-girlfriend told a court he filmed her "drugged and bleeding" and also claimed he had photographs of people suffering or dying.
Image caption The Scottish Daily Mail says Broughton is facing years in prison after being convicted of manslaughter. The report says he committed "shocking negligence" by filming her final hours on his mobile phone instead of getting help.
Image caption The Scottish Daily Express says the family of Louella Fletcher-Michie is already serving a "life sentence" after the loss of the 24-year-old who was given a "bumped-up" dose of a hallucinogenic drug by Broughton. The family spoke after the verdict at Winchester crown Court.
Image caption A "court bust-up" in the Michie trial is reported in the Daily Star of Scotland. The paper claims Ceon Broughton smashed up furniture in a waiting room and had to be overpowered by police after John Michie branded him "evil".
Image caption The lead story in The Times Scotland says the SNP has delayed plans to devolve all benefits powers to Scotland. Scotland's social security secretary has announced that the DWP will retain control of 11 powers until 2024 because the Scottish system is incomplete.
Image caption The Scotsman says this situation is being seen as a "betrayal" after the devolution in full of welfare benefits to Scotland was promised after the independence referendum. Social security secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville told MSPs the delay to the Scottish successor to personal independence payments (PIP) was to make sure the transfer of cases happens "effectively and securely".
Image caption Reporting the same story in the i newspaper, the Tories accuse the SNP of hypocrisy, but the Scottish government tells the paper it wants to make sure the transfer from the UK's DWP "must not put people's welfare at risk".
Image caption A Herald exclusive says a "pioneering bid" to unlock £1bn of investment has been launched in an effort to save Scotland's world-famous landscape and boost the natural environment. Experts tell the paper the Scottish Conservation Finance Project will drive cash into protecting at-risk habitats.
Image caption Could we see a Scottish currency? The National claims the SNP are considering proposing a new currency for an independent Scotland. The paper says the proposal will be voted on at next month's SNP conference.
Image caption Many of the English-based papers lead on the quashing of Sally Challen's murder conviction. The woman who killed her husband after saying she suffered decades of abuse will now have a re-trial. "Judges give hope to women who killed abusive husbands," the Daily Telegraph says.
Image caption The Courier leads on an apparent U-turn by the MoD to hand over land for house building in Angus. It was believed RM Condor would be decommissioned and land repurposed, but the base will now remain open.
Image caption The Press and Journal's Highland edition leads with the arrest of a Highland League footballer in connection with an attack on a 30-year-old woman.

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