Your pictures of Scotland: 11 January - 18 January

A selection of your pictures of Scotland sent in between 11 January and 18 January. Send your photos to or via Instagram at #bbcscotlandpics.

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Luss - looking out into Loch Lomond Image copyright Catriona Kerr
Image caption Catriona Kerr tried out a new photography technique for the first time when she visited Luss - looking out into Loch Lomond - on a sunny winter's day.
sheep Image copyright Eric Niven
Image caption Eric Niven thought this sheep looked happy so he snapped a picture of it when he was in the hills near Dunkeld.
Wallace Monument Image copyright Mike Dow
Image caption The Wallace Monument was shrouded in fog when Mike Dow took this picture.
grey heron at St Andrews harbour Image copyright Villo Muha
Image caption This sunbathing grey heron was spotted at St Andrews Harbour, and snapped by Villo Muha.
Kibble Palace in the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow Image copyright Emma Steeples
Image caption The Kibble Palace in the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow on a lovely crisp day, photographed by Emma Steeples.
Road to Dunkeld Image copyright Grant Steele
Image caption Grant Steele said the mist rising on the way into Dunkeld one morning was so lovely that he had to stop and take a photo with his phone.
McCaig's Tower Image copyright Claire Gallimore
Image caption Claire Gallimore took this picture of McCaig's Tower on a recent trip to Oban.
Drimnin Estate, Morvern Image copyright Rhonda Newsham
Image caption Herding rainbows on Drimnin Estate, Morvern. By Rhonda Newsham.
The cathedral in Glasgow Image copyright Eddie Romeo
Image caption The cathedral in Glasgow looked fantastic all light up at night, Eddie Romeo thought.
Eilean Donan Castle Image copyright Jim MacDonald
Image caption Could there be a pot of gold in Eilean Donan Castle? Jim MacDonald wondered about that when he looked back at this picture he had taken.
The east beach at Hopeman Image copyright TOM McPHERSON
Image caption The east beach at Hopeman, captured here by local Tom McPherson.
Row of buildings in South Queensferry Image copyright Alex Grant
Image caption A bonnie row of buildings in South Queensferry, captured by Alex Grant, from Edinburgh.
Castle Stalker Image copyright Janet MacLeod
Image caption A very calm Monday morning at Castle Stalker, pictured by Janet MacLeod.
Bridge Street Inverness Image copyright Gordon Bain
Image caption Gordon Bain sent in this picture of Bridge Street, Inverness.
Loch Duich and the Five Sisters of Kintail Image copyright Liz Peck
Image caption Liz Peck thinks overlooking Loch Duich and the Five Sisters of Kintail is the perfect place to sit and stare.
inside Kelpie 'Duke' looking up. Image copyright David Wilkinson
Image caption David Wilkinson went on a guided tour of the Kelpies in Falkirk and snapped this picture of the view inside Kelpie 'Duke', looking up.
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